Saturday 14 January 2006

We are not amused


Leave the host to his own devices for one night and look what happens.


We are not amused. There really is no excuse. He should have a better grasp of the English language. Or, a better grasp on his temper. Now that I'm back*, I'll get a better grasp of him!

* I'd only gone Out Of Body to visit my grandmother, Rosecrypt DeVise. She passed over grumbling and complaining years ago, cantankerous old biddy, and I got a message from TGOC Future that she'd spectralised in his airing cupboard. Honestly, it was like prying a limpet from a rock trying to get her out of there. And I had to wash all his towels because she'd left great swathes of ectoplasm over them. Shame there isn't a spectral type of colostomy bag...


  1. Man, I havent seen/heard the word "lawks" in such a long time! How delightful.

  2. Goodness, you gave me quite a fright! I was doing some clearing up of this little blog of mine when the comment window popped up.

    Nice to hear from a new visitor.


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