Tuesday, 24 January 2006

She giveth, but why doesn't she taketh away?

I had a visitor last night. She left me an enormous gift.

When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I saw it.

And saw it and saw it and saw it.

I used to like my visitor. We were nearly even friends. But our relationship did not get past that of contemporary colleagues.

I can only assume she didn't recognise me in my new body.

She was always poor at research.

And now, I've had to live with her gift all day.

Who is she and what did she give me?

Why she's Pustulis Pustulii. Otherwise known as: The Spot Fairy.

You can imagine what she gave me. Right on my forehead.



  1. me too - but on my chin. not pretty.

  2. Anonymous24/1/06 22:40

    Simple. Grow your hair.

    You choose which one, I really don't mind.

  3. Poor dear, but hats are usually good at hiding the forehead spots. Hope it goes away quickly.

    And good luck on your amalgamation.

  4. >And now, I've had to live with her gift all day<

    Just for the one day?
    Almost like a present from an over enthusiastic partner that gets taken away again immediately after you break up?

    Of the temporaryness, not of the spot.

  5. At least you saw it in the morning. I hate it when you don't look in the mirror and walk around all day, as blithe as you like, with a ginormous spot on the end of your nose. Doesn't happen often, though, because I like looking at myself.

  6. Anonymous25/1/06 20:17

    Oh I so hope it's one of those ones that squeeze themselves out at the most inappropriate moments.

    Like a maggot emerging from a seashell.

    Do we get to see a pic? If you don't have a camera, I'm sure someone will oblige.

    Blimey, my word verification thing was 'jisms'! *shocked*

  7. jisms? In my blog? I'm horrified!

    Thankfully its gone now but I'm sure a replacement will be tunnelling up through my face tonight. Afterall, I'm going out tomorrow night. What better accessory than a monstrous, maggotty spot!

  8. Anonymous26/1/06 13:53

    Don't worry.

    We hear that having a face like a pineapple is this years big look for the summer.

  9. Better to have a festering spot than Piggy and Tazzy as friends.

    Oh ffs W cunting V


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