Saturday, 28 January 2006

Sigh... Saturday night

I thought about posting something meaningful but it'd take too long. Besides, I've got to get ready to go out.

I know. On a Saturday night.


Much as I'd love to stay in with a bottle or two of wine, the Host wants to drag the old carcass out in the hope of pulling.

Hah! Good luck.

*In normal sad singleton circumstances. Actually, at what age does singletondom stop and spinsterhood begin?


  1. I've been refering to myself on and off as a spinster since I was about sixteen..
    Although I can't help but think singletondom's worse! All because of bloody Bridget Jones, it implies pulling is the most important thing.
    Not that it is.
    Uh, of course.
    Well, good luck!

  2. Anonymous30/1/06 20:55

    Balls to both of those terms man... I hate 'em. Try pro-am masterbator. It has a sense of acheivement. Hahahaha. *rolls on floor laughing* Thats what I use anyway! Jokes...

  3. Yeah.

    Nowt wrong with being a spinster (definition - financially independent woman).

    I've been trying (fairly unsuccessfully) to ressurect the word for some time now.


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