Sunday, 15 January 2006

Night flight full of shite

Well. When I got back into the host body I was all ready to give him what for. Fancy being so foulmouthed.

However, his stress levels were so high that I thought it best not to provoke him further. I mean, it's my body, too. So I decided on a soothing night flight above the clouds. It was a full moon and the new bristles for the broom turned up today so it should have been a relaxing, smooth ride...

The operative words being "should have been"...

Lift off was uneventful. The broom started first time and although it didn't soar majestically into the chilly night air, it did rise steadily. The new bristles seemed to have tightened the turning circle too because I didn't clip the cherry tree on the way up. I tried a few little manoeuvers and was pleasantly surprised by the ride and handling. Feeling pleased, I urged the broom skyward, aiming for a break in the clouds so I didn't get wet flying through them.

I'm always stunned by the beauty of seeing clouds from above. It's not often that the broom will oblige such heady altitudes - well, it's not often that it gets new bristles. Kicking it into neutral, I hovered, gazing out at the breathtaking sight of moonlit clouds stretching out around me. I could feel the stress and tension melting away. There were enough gaps to see patches of the city below so I decided on a leisurely circuit of the outskirts before returning home for a hot ginger wine.

While slowly circling the city, I started doing some thinking: I had been doing some cleaning the day before - No, not the house, it cleans itself. The blog - And as I cleaned I thought "I wonder how many people actually read it?" As I was wondering, I got a comment from someone new which surprised me somewhat. Anyway, I got to wondering if it was best to know or be ignorant of such readers.

I decided - well, my curiosity decided for me - that I've got to know. So, I'm going to get a stats counter. Christ only knows how it works or if it'll be any use. I guess I'll soon find out.

I'd been telling myself that I'm doing this (blog) for me, to get me used to writing because, of course, one day I will write a book! Also, as the host seems to come through quite a lot, I'd get him to set up his own profile so that readers can see which of us is posting. I've resolved to post at least twice a week - can't possibly post every day what with being too busy (read: lazy). This resolution is obviously not a New Years one, I want a resolution that will last!
And I must stop using poor Merkin's blog to check who's updated recently and how far down the list I've been pushed because of their selfish updates! I shouldn't care about such things, surely? Shirley? Surly?

I must also work out what this blog can do and try and personalise it a bit more. Don't gear yourself up for any giddy changes, though. It took me until last week just to work out I could have a title field when posting, consequently (consequeyntly - hee hee, this one's for you Tina), I've edited the last few posts to show the proper title and tidy up the PREVIOUS POSTS bit at the side ->.

I'd also quite like to have those comments that pop up on the LINKS to other peoples blogs column. Like at Lee's where if you put the cursor on my name it comes up "Ding Dong". For ages I was really pleased thinking it meant "Ding Dong" as in "Phwoar, he's a bit of a looker". Then I realised it's just the first two words of my title/explanation. Sigh...
And at Merkin's (already done the link up there ^), I come up as "Witch. Polymath. Blogger. A triad of triumphs!". I had to look up the meaning of polymath - a pleasant surprise!

It was at this point, almost home, that a massive clod of bird shit hit me square in the face. Such was my shock that I lost control of the broom and began plummeting to earth. Coughing and spluttering, I pulled the broom up as I hurtled out of the bottom of the clouds, narrowly missing a chimney top.

Eek! The cherry tree!

The broom didn't gain enough altitude and I hurtled into it. As I lay, winded, across two branches, I opened my eyes to see a mouse skull sat upon my cheek. Its little eye sockets staring at me.

Bloody, buggery owls.


  1. iDv - BlogRolling does it for you, for free. Go on, it's here:

  2. Thank you - I'll give it a go after tea!

  3. Aaaaarrgh! It's all too complicated. I got some Blogroll thing going - Buggered if I know what it does, though.

    I'll try again another day...

  4. > Ding Dong" as in "Phwoar, he's a bit of a looker".

    Who says it wasn't?


  5. Anonymous18/1/06 17:55

    I just want to thank you for 'Lawks!' don't know it's precise meaning but it's good.

  6. In HTML, you get the little pop-up when you mouse over links if you supply a title for the link.

    Example: Inexplicable Device

    You can see the HTML coding if you view source. Right click and chose "View Source". Hope I'm not being too pedantic.

  7. Anonymous20/1/06 12:36

    Of course you're not. Thank you.

    I'll give it a go when I get home. Actually, I said that before and never did anything... I'll certainly try, though!

    Urgh. WV is "ssccks" which is either speech impedimented "socks" or short for "sucks cocks"! How does it know?!?


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