Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Coastal Catch-Up

The Moon from 5th August
 It's been nearly two weeks since my last beach photos post. Can you believe it?
 Eleven days, actually.
 Still, nearer to two weeks than one.  Anyway, just because there haven't been any beach photos here, doesn't mean we haven't actually been on the beach, as the following photos illustrate.
 There are quite a few, so apologies for the amount of scrolling you'll have to do.  And before you ask, I don't want to split them up into separate posts because I've just got back from seeing the Red Arrows with 74 photos(!) that need a home. So the next post is reserved for them - once I've whittled them down to a more manageable number.

 So, first up, some photos from 5th August's swim: 

The H&S Prudence (last seen back in April, here)

The Vos Innovator

A Kraken
Oh.  Wait.  It's just The Mother.

The EEMS Sprinter 

At the top of the cliff in the centre of the photo, one can just make out the sky-blue wall of Sea Salt


 This sunset from behind Château DeVice was taken on the 9th:


 Then these are from 12th (I didn't swim as it wasn't particularly nice, and the tide was too low):

This is one of the lowest tides we have here.  Just look how far the ends of the groynes are from the sea!

That's the End-of-the-Line's groyne on the left

The End-of-the-Line and its big, clapped out old groyne

Drat!  Stood on that shrinking button again...


 And, finally, these are from this morning's swim:

The requisite big groyne

Grooming in full view of a passer by?  Common!

A far more uppity and well-to-do cormorant...

… and his underlings



  1. No wonder that groyne is looking clapped-out.It's all those shags to blame. Poor thing can't take the weight. (Elbows, chaps!Elbows!)

  2. That's lot of shags in one day...


    PS I took a look at "Sea Salt". The web page claims it's "Art Deco style". I'd say more "converted garage/shed style" myself.

    1. All day, every day, at that!

      Yes, that description caused me to pause, as well. It looks positively "Council Flat" from the back!

  3. Damn it. you have ALL the Cormorants again.

    1. Yes. Sorry. Although one of them is flying off, but it appears to be headed for 'Petra in Denmark rather than Deepest Devon...


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