Thursday, 16 August 2018

Red Arrows: Cromer Carnival 2018

Different to 2016.  Just.
 This week is carnival week in Cromer, and yesterday, being the third Wednesday in August, was Carnival Day.  Traditionally, Cromer plays host to the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, on Carnival Day, and yesterday was no exception.   
 I didn't get quite as far along the cliffs as I did back in 2016, so there's no lighthouse photo to start us off.  Instead, we'll begin with some different scene-setting: a look back towards whence I came, before forging West to a sufficiently people-free perch from where Red Arrow observing took place. 

I missed their "Amateur Big Battle" to "Short Diamond" entrance, but caught this "Typhoon Roll"

The "Typhoon" turned into a "Lightning"...

… which performed a loop

The "Lightning" then turned into...

a "Phoenix"... 

... to perform a "Phoenix Bend"

The "Diamond Roll" was next

I lost the Red Arrows here, but this is a good shot from my vantage point on the cliffs between Overstrand and Cromer

Once I'd caught the Red Arrows in Camera's sights again, they performed a "Tornado"

That fly on the left wasn't part of the show

After the "Tornado" came the...

"Centenary Split"

I didn't capture the "Gypo Pass", but this is from "The Goose"

And this the beginning of the "Heart" which is completed below

An "Opposition Barrel" was going on (a bit further along the coast) while the main group set up for...

… a "Vertical Break"

I didn't get any shots of the "Circus", but above and below are the "Python"

This is the beginning of... 

… the "Corkscrew"

Then above, and two below, are "Rollbacks"

After the "Rollbacks" were done, came a "Gypo Break" and "Vice Versa" (both not captured), and...

… the big finish: a "Vixen Break"

 Illustrations of the manoeuvres in the display sequence can be found here.


 As soon as the Red Arrows had finished their display, a load jet skiers roared past.  Disappointingly, they weren't in formation.


  1. Oh, cool air show pix! I have seen the US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds several times; always a good show.

    Did you do any sky writing?

    1. I shall put in a sky writing request for next year. I would do it myself on Broom, but the old thing's a bit too wobbly and slow now. I fear any attempt at sky writing would end with me plummeting to my doom and a sky full of smoke.

  2. Ooh! You know how to thrill a girl! I loved the Red Arrows (used to pop into the pub at Little Rissington)
    And, as always, you have great coastal shots.

    1. Ah, so you prefer airmen over seamen?

    2. Well, you could probably phrase that differently, but I do like aeroplanes.And some boats. And men generally. Not keen on soldiers though.

    3. Phrase it differently? I don't know what you mean?

      * tries to keep a straight face *

      Anyway, yes, men! I'm not overly fussed about soldiers either - too scary. I want a man who'll faint or run off if I loom out of the shadows in my witchy get-up, not mow me down in a hail of bullets.

  3. Awesome shots! Fantastic and Amazing formations! Love the colors and movement and different flight patterns of the astounding planes. Just Wow!

    You got some incredible captures. Even the fly looks cool caught midflight. And the cliffs and shore look resplendent and charming! The tiny people in the sand offer a great perspective. I'm surprised none of the jet skiers was towing a banana boat float full of drunk vacationing tourists. Perfect weather for hosting a spectacular air show.

    1. The moment I spy an inflatable banana boat in these waters, I'm calling my friend, Meg.

  4. My dear, your very own display!

    1. They're such good boys to fly in especially for me!

  5. Oh those magnificent men in their flying machines...

    1. "they go up tiddly up up,
      they go down tiddly down down.
      They enchant all the ladies and steal all the scenes,
      with their up tiddly up up
      and their down tiddly down down."

  6. I first saw them at Biggin Hill when I was a child when I was probably more impressed by the colourful smoke than by them flying in formation. Imagine how excited I'd have been if they'd managed to do something with glitter?!

    1. Perhaps you can insinuate yourself onto the Dye Team and fill one of the pods with lashings and lashings of glitter? I was just reading all about it here.

  7. As impressive as it is, and surely a magnificent effort by each man and the whole group - I'd look for a nice little bunker to watch them ...

    1. I private one away from the riff-raff. Actually, there are one or two dotted along the clifftop. There's even one on the beach!


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