Saturday, 4 August 2018

Beyond the Groyne at the End-of-the-Line

 I "accidentally" went for a saunter along the beach this morning, inexplicably taking Camera with me, despite saying that I wouldn't do so (to prevent this sort of variation-on-a-theme series of beach photos).  Oh, well...

The Groyne at the End-of-the-Line complete with...

... familiar feathered Familiars

Straddling the mighty groyne, this is the view back West

And this, the view East

Beyond the End-of-the-Line is nothing but sand and sky
(until one reaches Trimingham after a couple of miles or so)

The Moon has been a bit lazy lately, and hasn't been pulling her weight tide-wise,
hence these still standing clay & sand sculptures from recent cliff falls 

With Overstrand's Vasquez Rocks long lost to the sea, the Sidestrand version will have to do for now

The high tides haven't even managed to reach the foot of the cliffs, which are now parched...

... well, the bits that aren't being moistened by cliff run-off (not Richard)

An Oystercatcher!

Haven't seen one these since last year.

One of a few Small Skippers

There were one or two Common Blues about, too

Although, if this one's not careful, there'll be one less...


 So, despite this lapse, I have actually got something completely different lined up for my next post: Babysitting in Spaaaaaace!

 I bet you can't wait, can you?


  1. Those butterfly photos are especially impressive

    1. Thank you, John. However, for each of the three up there, there are maaaaaaany more blurry, out-of-focus, no-butterfly-because-the-dratted-thing-flew-off-while-I-was-aiming photos!

  2. Ooh...spider about to have dinner!

    I do like your beach shots.

    1. Yes, I didn't notice the spider at the time - only when I was re-sizing the photo for the blog!

      Is your "I do like your beach shots" (thank you, by the way) a veiled plea to give up on the Star Trek stuff? ;)

  3. I wonder what the flat bits on the groins are for- surely not designed for standing on?

    1. Well, actually, the flat bit in the "view East (from the End-of-the-Line)" is for standing on. There are steps up the front and down the back of the revetment that the End-of-the-Line groyne (the one with all the Cormorants perched atop it) sticks out from. It is a perfect platform for these photos! Although, it is quite often covered in Cormorant shit.

  4. I like how clean and picturesque your beaches are and how photogenic your groyne is. Look at that one cormorant in the third picture opening his wings to stand out from the rest. He is working that pole! Supermodel! Love the oystercatcher! What an odd and intriguing looking bird!

    The butterfly shots are fantastic. The sinister one with the beautiful butterfly and deadly spider in the shadows is awesome!

    Love the moonscape shots of the parched earth!

    1. Thanks, Eros. This really is a post of rarely (or, at least, not often) seen subjects: The Common Blue butterfly (despite being called Common) is outmatched by the Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns, the Oystercatcher is a rare visitor mainly found in estuaries or further along the coast; and the parched earth on the beach only occurs during regular low tides and perpetually sunny days (which England is certainly not known for)!

  5. In this weather, the beach is the only place to be!

    Loved the pix.

    Poor butterfly!

    1. Hello Roses! Lovely to see you again.

      I hope that butterfly managed to fly away before becoming lunch!

  6. NOw that I see your butterflies it occurs to me that I did not see one single "Pfauenauge" this year ! Was the most common butterfly around.

    1. How very odd, Mago. They're usually one of the earliest butterflies of the season, and fly right through until Autumn.


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