Tuesday 20 March 2018

Constellations from a Nightshade Tarot

  That made you look didn't it?!  Fancy getting taken in by a poncey title like that!
Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there are no Nightshade, and no Tarot - this is just more of the same night sky constellation crap that you've seen before.  Although, I've included some constellations that haven't featured in previous posts - mainly because they hadn't managed to struggle above the horizon during my previous early morning/late evening sojourns.  Oh, and I've amended some of them to look more like what they're supposed to depict, namely: Gemini (the twins), Auriga (the charioteer), Draco (the dragon), and Leo (who now looks more like a lion than a mouse).

  This first set are from 12th February:

Orion takes centre stage in this low view over the horizon to the South East

Angling upwards from Orion brings Auriga and Perseus into view

The view North West over the sea has Cygnus the swan diving over the horizon

Sliding along the horizon, now facing North, and Ursa Major (the Great Bear, the Plough, the Big Dipper) can be seen balancing on its tail

Moving East, still hugging the horizon, brings us to Leo
Looking up from Leo and Cancer the constellations of Ursa Major, Lynx and Gemini can be seen

The southern sky has Cetus and Pisces lurking just over the horizon, with Taurus, Aries, Triangulum and Andromeda looming over them

  And the next four are from 18th February:

Looking East North-East over the sea and Cygnus is flying East

Ophiuchus holding Serpens looms over Saturn to the South East

Above Ophiuchus and his snake are Hercules, Boötes, and Corona Borealis (that's not Serpens Cauda, by the way, it's Serpens Caput - I got my left and right mixed up!)

And finally, this is the view West along Overstrand High Street


  I'm waiting for the skies to clear so I can get a set from March, but it doesn't seem like I'm going to be in luck.  Maybe April?

  Oh, and the "Nightshade Tarot" thing?  I had intended to make a set of cards with one constellation on each, but gave up pretty quickly when I realised that I'm only going to get the Northern Hemisphere visible stars.  Unless I can persuade Broom to pay Dinahmow and Princess a visit...



  1. That *is* the tarot lol. Are you practising sounding like a Llewellyn author in case the day job folds?
    Best wishes for your birthday on Thursday!

    1. It always pays to have fingers in many pies. Mmmm... Cherry pie...

      Birthday? Hmmmph.

  2. Birthday on Thursday???? BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY!!!!!!! PANIC!!!!!

    1. Oh, don't listen to Hound. He just loves to stir things up and watch the fallout.


    2. I must protest. I *never* stir things, it's just they implode around me. Anyone else would be *grateful* I was being so thoughtful as to notice when their birthday was! Grumble grumble...

    3. It's (nearly) my birthday and I'll be ungrateful if I want to ;)

      P.S. I'd like to see your spoon drawer!

  3. With that sort of click-bait title wizardry, perhaps the Daily Mail will be offering a headline writer job soon!

    1. The Daily Mail? There isn't enough money in the world!

  4. Orion looks like my espresso pot.

  5. You got the spectacular Giraffe! I love Camelopardalis! It's one of my faves in the night skies! Leo looks fantastic! You've done an astounding job of making Leo look like a regal lion! And Cygnus is always so glorious and gorgeous! I love the resplendent captures of the magnificent Draco and fierce Hydra! You've even captured Saturn, the sexiest and most stylish of planets!

    Wonderful work! I love it!

    1. I want to love Camelopardalis, but despite having a large area, there are very few noticeable stars, leaving the poor giraffe somewhat outshined by the surrounding Auriga, Cassiopeia, and Ursa Major.

      Saturn? If you love her, you'd better put a ring on her. Oh, wait, someone already has!

  6. Oh my ... celestial dynamics ... i have no clue. The only word I know or recognise is "regulus" (little king), because this is a word from alchemistic practice, something that forms when you melt ore. How you can identify these figures is beyond me. I am glad to recognise Venus, the morning star, and possibly the "Große Wagen", called "Big Dipper", as a friend once told me.

    1. Well, I have learned something new today - that regulus is from alchemical practices - thank you, Mago!

      Before I started mapping these constellations, I could only identify a few of them. Now, having had my nose in my "Universe" book, I can recognise many more.


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