Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the chips are doom...

"What on Earth are you wearing under that mac?" I asked Lady Gaga superfan, reformed emo and vegetarian, Translucy, after spying what appeared to be tortilla chips all down his front between the fastenings.
"What, this?" he replied, opening the mac and displaying a corset fashioned from Doritos.
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrghhhhhhh!" I yelled. "It's the invasion of the bodice nachos!"

Translucy didn't appear to be amused.


  1. You should have offered him a spicy dip.

  2. Thankfully my friend is only a Madge fan. He doesn't wear beef or crisps but a 90s leather cap (which I've begged him to ditch for years and he did just before new years)

  3. Did he flounce off with a swish of his tortilla wrap.
    Dont be smutty Miss Scarlet

    well really !

  4. Be careful of rain and salsa, I suppose.

  5. Oh lord, that was POOR.

  6. That's it...Doritos.

    You've sent me a bag of Doritos?

    Remember when Piggy and Tazzy sent me a packet of pork scratchings?

  7. Miss Scarlet: But that would encourage him, no?

    'Petra: Yeeuch! A leather cap 20 years out of date - Whyever did he keep wearing it for so long?

    Unless it was made of Madonna's leathery old skin...

    BEAST: I think he salsa-ed off in it.

    And we prefer toilet door, not poo door, thank you.

    xl: At least he was wearing a mac.

    Tim: Yeah. I'd better post something else. Quickly.

    MJ: I wouldn't sully your taste buds with something so cheap!

  8. I'm sure it was made from her bingowings. She has enough flap to make 10 caps.

  9. So that's where me flaps got to...
    Oi... give em back...