Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sifting through the remains

Yes, it's time to sift through the aftermath of the Barbara Cartland explosion and reveal the winner of Saturday's Items of Interest competition.

First, here's a list of what it wasn't:

A Barbara Cartland Hairnet®, as put forth by xl.
Angora throw? Plastic troll's hair? Mesh hair roller? The ever despairing guesses of Savannah.
A lovely new merkin. Yes, thank you, Princess.
A pair of your power fishnet stockings, and
The collar of your bathrobe/dressing gown, suggested by 'Petra.
It's your inner ear! Um, no, Tim.
Has Babs been eating Ma Beasties chick pea curry again? No, no she's had her rug dyed to match the curtains.. Another delightful 'guess' by Princess.
It's my scrunched up negligee...
...or it might be chicken wire for some very glamorous chickens?
On this occasion, Miss Scarlet, it's neither.
Neither is it Moom's blankie, Snooze.
Nor is it inside a furnace filter or the neural network of cotton candy, Tara.
Your colon after a particularly effective colonic irrigation? Back for another try eh, Tim? You needn't've wasted your pretty little brain...
And, finally: Is it the debris left after Barbara exploded? A pile of pretty pink ashes, another 'guess' from Princess.

So, here is what it actually is:

SP's, sadly broken, "nylon netting shower pom pom on a string thingamie".

And the winner is, with the first correct guess of: 
It's your loofah and frankly, it disgusts me to think where it's been, MJ
Congratulations! And I shall ignore your disgust because, as the photo caption states, it's SP's, not mine.

* pokes tongue out in defiance *

I shall have a prize of some description mailed out to you within the week.

The venerable runners up are:  

I think it might be one of those "nylon netting shower pom pom on a string thingamies" that old grannys make for their fundraising stalls. Just lather it up and your away (Princess),  
I know I know! Well, MJ actually got it pegged with the loofa ('Petra),  
It's one of those things!!! Erm... a body mop! Makes everything extra foamy... (Miss Scarlet),  
It does look like those loofah bath scrub/cloths or a special dishwashing scrub--I've one of those for cleaning nonstick pans! (Eros).

Thank you all for taking part, and jolly well done! Splendid show etc, etc.

Right, better be off - I do have other things to do besides blogging, you know!


  1. No you don't - get back to blogging!

    As for the competition: I didn't want no stinkin' prize anyway!

    *storms off*

  2. so, what about me and my really sad and depressing attempts at an answer...*sigh* xoxoxox

    (is it working? am i just sad enough to warrant a little something something for my effort?) :~D

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!

    My first prize of the year!!!

    Please don't tell me that the prize is SP's loofah.

  4. Tim: Just as well, then.

    Savannah: Well, perhaps I could part with a piece of SP's loofah?
    You can thank MJ for that.

    MJ: Nah, don't worry - I'm sending it to Savannah!

    Congratulations again!

  5. Yay! Congrats to MJ!

    My power fishnets suggestion was pretty damned good though.

  6. Congrats   ̶M̶J̶   Savannah!

  7. Congrats to MJ.

    Starting the year off well, winning a second hand loofa.

    Not that I'm bitter or envious or anything. Just because I didn't enter the competition in time....

  8. Congrats to MJ (and possibly Savannah)!!!

  9. Was that loofah in the hot tub with the pair of you?

  10. 'Petra: It was good. It'd be even better if they'd come out of an egg!

    xl: What a save.

    Roses: Shall I get you a napkin? You're spitting bile...

    Eros: You're all winners.

    Well, apart from the losers, that is.

    MJ: Oh, no - There were no extraneous items sharing that hot tub with us.

    None at all!

  11. Ahem... I donlt wish to apper as a disgruntles LOSER, BUT....Technically speaking...
    A loofa is orgasmic... er Organic and they are related to Cucumbers. I know these things... you have sampled my cucumber sandwitches...
    That item pictured has definitly been purloined from some old granny's fundraising stall..
    *flounces off to continue weeping in the loofa patch*

  12. Technically, Princess is right.

    However, over here they are called by a myriad of names including shower puffs, scrubbies, shower scrunchies and yes, wait for it… loofahs.

    Fact is, most people have no idea WHAT they’re called and refer to them as “you know... those shower thingies.”

  13. They are body mops!!!

  14. you are a magnanamous winner MJ and thankyou for the further clarification.
    *wipes crocodile tear from eye and blows nose loudly*
    Oh... and congratulations.

    Miss Scarlet hasn't been locking her doors again....

    And thank you Mr Device for an intreaguing excursion into SP's bathing habits.

    WV:ravesp, I kid you not!

  15. Continuing on with our loofah discussion HERE because IVD doesn't want to be bothered with it in his new post, I want you all to know that I took notes whilst I was out shopping today.

    I looked at THREE different shower thingies in four different stores and here is how they were labelled...

    Spa Mesh
    Scrub Sponge
    Body Scrub

    Is it any WONDER we're confused?

  16. I will check them out in Boots today... and I probably will be wearing boots...

  17. I see in the next post that you did post Moom's actualy blanket. I've died and gone to cute doggie heaven.

  18. I knew if I left it long enough you'd sort it out amongst yourselves.
    As MJ's exhaustive research shows, those shower thingies are called all sorts of things, depending on which shop one visits.
    Anyway, thank you MJ.

    And, Snooze: The next post was a nod of the head to your comment. Glad you like it!


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