Friday, 28 January 2011

What the Wicked Witch Watched and Other Whimsies

This is the first of a new series of monthly updates that replaces my old Star Selections and also the book posts. I plan to use these to help compose the Coven Awards, as I never remember what I've watched during the year when I scrabble around on the 29th December desperately putting together a years worth of crap!

I was going to post this in a couple of days, but Tim's disgust at my little pun in the last post has made me want to move on. Quickly.

So, anyway, here's the post proper:

I probably won't create a magazine cover every month like this one. I only did this because I was inspired by Ask The Cool Cookie's handiwork, after MJ pointed out his other blog recently.
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so, I'm sorry for this travesty, Cookie! It's no imitation at all - Not a convincing one, anyway - but, still, I hope you're flattered, all the same.

For those that have even the slightest interest, here are some links to my month's viewings, readables and audible pleasures - The ones worth blogging about, anyway:

TV - Being Human, Episodes*, No Ordinary family, Primeval
Books - Star Trek Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game, by David Mack, USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual, from Haynes
Music - Blade Runner Trilogy, 25th Anniversary, by Vangelis

* Not actually sci-fi, but I'm watching it all the same.


  1. What a periodical idea.

  2. When I received my prize from you in the mail and it said "book" on the customs form, I feared it might be a Star Trek novel.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find "The Little Book of Essential Foreign Swear Words" instead.

    Feckin' right I was.

  3. Being Human was good the other day... and Episodes is warming up... and I lked your pun... so please feel flattered.

  4. I watched the first 20 minutes of the first episode of No Ordinary Family. At least I think that's the one I watched. The one where they crash in South America.

    It didn't take. At all.

    Can't wait to watch Being Human. Primeval looks a tad scary.

  5. xl: Ah, the Space Shuttle Manual. Always handy if it crash lands in your back garden. I've seen The Core, so I know it can happen!

    Princess: Indeed.

    MJ: Perhaps you'll get a Star Trek book next time - I'm not sure a couple of posts about William Shatner's wigs certify you as a Star Trek fan?

    Miss Scarlet: I loved the end of Episodes episode 2 and the stream of swearing!

    'Petra: No Ordinary family gets better. The first ep was a bit of a clunker, but it's shaping up to be a nice little show.

    Being Human is AWESOME!

    Primeval, less so. The only thing really scary is the horrific acting from ex-S Club 7er Hannah Spearritt.

  6. Not just William Shatner.

    You must have missed these

    Janice Rand and Lieutenant Uhura!

  7. Eeep!

    No, I didn't miss them. I just forgot them.

    Although, how I could have forgotten such elaborate 'do's is unfathomable.

  8. I am disgusted. Although I can't comment on it in such a public forum.

  9. Love the cover. Well done IDV!

  10. Tim: Disgusted? With this post as well?

    There's just no pleasing some people.

    Snooze: Ta!


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