Saturday, 8 January 2011


SP got me this for Christmas:

Yes, that's me modelling it - My head's in the washing machine

However, just because I am one, doesn't mean I like witches, never mind love them (The Coven notwithstanding, of course). However, it is a lovely T-shirt and probably my favourite Christmas present.

The only thing is, it's still too cold to go out just wearing a T-shirt, so I've been looking for something suitable to wear over it. Eventually, I found this:

There's even a matching bag. Although, I doubt if it's as capacious as Poppins'.


  1. Well... You will be well dressed for the next Witches Cotillion.

  2. it's still too cold to go out just wearing a T-shirt

    We don’t wish to see your nubbins so thank you.

    Is that Tim's hoodie?

  3. STC collision with Princess!

  4. Swerve! SWERVE!

    Oh, no! Too late!!!

  5. I seem to have gotten my shoe stuck up Princess's arse.

  6. * hands over extra-long shoe horn *

  7. I got given a small badge that says 'neigbourhood witch' on it. I was surprised it was a 'w', not a 'b'.

  8. Better a 'b' than a 'sn' or 'gl', surely?

  9. Nice..

    This makes SP Darrin...or Scarecrow...Ron Weasley?

  10. Maybe you should get SP one of those?

    It would fit. You could always cross out the S at the end

  11. The t-shirt's nice, but the hoody looks a bit … I dunno, very cheaply printed at a tacky seaside shop? Just sayin'.

    MJ! I'm not so much into the hoodies these days. I've gone for a more sophisticated look - I'm far classier than IDV.

  12. Pass me the rams horn Tiberius....
    I seem to have aquired a shoe.

    Is that a loubouton I see behind me?

  13. More likely a crock
    Miss Mj's footwear of choice

  14. Maybe this instead:



  15. Eros: Definitely a darrin.

    'Petra: You know, maybe I should?

    Tim: It sounds suspiciously like you know about the cheapness from firsthand experience.

    * gasp *

    You bought one because you love me!?!

    Princess: That may be a Louboutin you see in your behind...

    BEAST: Now I've got to quickly post something else before MJ sees that and rips this place (including you) apart.

    You don't half make hard work!

    xl: Now that's more like it! I have my eye on a particularly tasty warlock who lives up the road...

  16. As Beast's comment contains a spelling error, I shall choose to ignore it and assume that he thinks I'm wearing a couple of teapots on my feet.

  17. A much more feasible, not to mention fashionable, arrangement.

  18. I LOVE that first T-shirt!


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