Sunday, January 09, 2011


* ring ring *

* ring ring *

* ring ring *

* ring ri- *

"Mmmph... What?"
"psssbtzt drzszpt sspszzt!" It was my sister, Inexcuseable.
"What? She did what?"
"shzzzbt zzp trssspzbzt dszcbl sbt hsssz." Apparently, something happened to our sister Indescribable.
"A House? When?"
"thpbbt zsspbbsz zzbt ffsspt fss!" Oh. Shit.
"I'll be there as soon as I can. 'Bye" and I hung up.

It appears that a dastardly Kansas girl turned witch-finder, who uses her tornado-creating ability to crush witches with houses and other large objects, has nobbled our sister. This... This creature goes by the nom de guerre Gale-Force.

Indescribable, who usually looks like Quentin Blake's version of Roald Dahl's Grand High Witch, only not so 2-dimensional, now looks almost exactly like her.
Luckily, she's pretty robust and managed to shrug off Gale-Force's attack, but she's understandably livid, so Inexcuseable and I are going to meet up with her to plan a strategic retaliation.
With that being the case, I may not be around much during the next few days, so just carry on without me. I'll pop in and out whenever there's a break in our war-games.


  1. Sally forth into the fray...
    What are families for?

  2. I'm not sure I understood any of that but if she's hurt I do wish her a speedy recovery.


  3. Yeah, I'm with Pete on this.

  4. Give Gale Force a lashing, and I hope everything turns out well.

  5. What about my prize?

  6. Good luck with that. It sounds like the proverbial has hit the fan.

    You will come through victorious.

    We're here if you need us...though, I think MJ's gone off in a huff.

  7. Best to you and to Indescribable in combatting Gale Force. What is family for after all? Good for you for springing to action.

  8. Thank you Tim! I think we need an interpreter or translator.

  9. Good Luck. I have a copy of the "Malleus maleficarum" if need be ...

  10. Best of luck with the war...and a speedy recovery to Indescribable.

    At least the Gale-Force didn't steal Indescribable's the last time in Munchkin land!

  11. What I got from all that is Indescribable has been laid low by terrible wind !!!
    Do I get a prize ???

  12. Princess: Arguing with?

    'Petra & Tim: You didn't understand?!

    Some country ho dropped a house on my sister!

    Miss Scarlet: Oh, I'm sure it will.

    MJ: Oh, yeah.

    Well, I've got it. It just needs posting.

    Oh, and wrapping!

    Roses: Thank you.

    Although, I never factor MJ into my rescue plans due to her huffiness.

    Snooze: We surprised ourselves, actually.
    Normally we ignore each other.

    'Petra: OK! The translation is up there ^

    Mago: Excellent! I'll pop round later.

    Eros: Thank you!

    Indescribable is rather large of foot, so unless Gale Force is a VERY good tranny, I think the shoes may be a tad too large for her.

    BEAST: Yes. A peg for your nose!

  13. Oh, right! I do hope she's recovered.

    Now go get that Dorothy before she clicks her heels together 3 times