Monday, 24 January 2011

A rose by any other name...

Well, luckily, this rose is actually named Roses! And, yes, she does smell as sweet.
How do I know this? Why, let me tell you a story...

It was a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, in fact. I had decided to pop into the city to purchase a present for SP - It's his birthday on 6th Feb, you see. However, knowing the parking is horrendous, I decided to take a chance and risk flying in on Broom in the hope that I could land surreptitiously somewhere and disguise my ride as a dead bush, or something.
I should have known it would never be that simple...

Everything was going swimmingly - or flyingly - until I neared the Lanes. There was sufficient low altitude cloud cover to obscure me from the commoners below, and enough chimneys and other rooftop furniture to allow me to descend into a back alley without being seen.
What I hadn't counted on was a flock of roosting pigeons being startled into flight by the sudden strident tones of a, frankly rubbish, busker.

Broom's bristles were soon overcome by the battering of desperately ascending pigeons, as was I. I must've looked like Tippi Hedren from The Birds except not on a boat. Anyway, Broom gave up the ghost and started a headlong plummet, luckily, straight into a deserted Old Post Office Yard which is right next to Frank's Bar. Unluckily, there was someone right where I hadn't intended to land.

"Ow!" she said as I clonked her on the elbow with Broom as I swerved at the last minute.
"Oof!" I said after hitting the trellis in the courtyard.
"What the Hell?!" she exclaimed, advancing on me while rubbing her elbow.
"I'm terribly sorry" I began in way of apology. "I didn't- Roses? Is that you!?"
It seemed I had the luck (she obviously didn't) to nearly land on Norwich's only other Infomaniac Bitch - Someone for whom I wouldn't have to make up a ridiculously convoluted story about why I hit her with a broomstick. Yay! I'd clobbered someone I knew!

Anyway, we found ourselves in Frank's Bar enjoying coffee, bread and cakes as we whiled away the afternoon and got to know each other. Look, here we are smiling and everything*:

Roses really is as beautiful as her name. And she's generous - She bought me coffee and cake, even after I almost squashed her!
It's my turn to buy next time, though.

You can read all about Roses version of events - scurrilous lies, the lot of it - here.

* Well, Roses is smiling. I think I'm muttering or something. Why I didn't stop when I took the photo I don't know!


  1. Hey, no one got a house dropped on them, so it's all good!

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

  2. You're so sweet.

    I had such a fab time. Gossiping about all the other Bitches.

    Ms Scarlet thinks she's getting the FGES from Beast. Hah.

  3. Anonymous24/1/11 20:54

    You clobbered Roses in the backyard of a pub?
    Strangely I am not surprised ...

  4. Great picture! And Rose seems to have recovered from you landing on her. Cake can do that.

  5. xl: We did have a wonderful time, thank you.

    And I warned Roses about girls from Kansas, too.

    Roses: 'Hah!' indeed.

    Ooh, that reminds me: I must finish the new and improved version of TGES Map!

    Mago: I know! I don't know why I was worrying just before impact.

    Snooze: Cake has remarkable restorative properties. It should never be underestimated!

  6. you are both adorable! xoxoxo

  7. I see you're wearing your new "I Love Witches" t-shirt.

    Of COURSE Miss Scarlet is getting the FGES! Why? What have you heard?

    Did he take you hot tubbing, Miss Roses? Or use that dreadful pink body poof thingy on you?

    Did someone mention CAKE?

  8. Did you show her your front bottom?

  9. This one's from the Spirit of Piggy...

    "bony witch!"

  10. Lucky Miss Roses - You're quite fetching! Kudos to you both!


  11. Dont think we didnt notice that you slipped the pretend CITY into your narrative.
    What sort of cake did you two have ???

  12. When Avitars Collide...

    Your flying skills haven't improved then? And how fortunate that you found Miss Roses at Happy Hour...

    I think it is quite wonderful to able to meet these cyberpeople on the earth plane.

  13. How was the arsenic and old lace?

  14. Over at Miss Roses’ place, I have just linked to that horrid face that you pull with your lolling tongue, your freakishly bendy thumbs and your blindingly white legs.

    I feel that unless she sees these, she has not seen the real IVD.

  15. Sounds fabulous, except the hitting the poor girl with your broom (not a euphemism) part.

    At least you knew she was a lush so you could cater to her need (I swear! No puns here)

  16. Savannah: And we weren't even wearing masks!

    Or were we?

    MJs: Cake wasn't mentioned. But the pink body poof was! Have you received your 'prize' yet?

    And there were no front bottoms on show. Not that I have such a thing, of course.

    Piggy: Shut your starfish!

    Cookie: Why, you can come again!

    BEAST: Have you been colluding with Tim in bringing Norwich down?

    I had orange & almond cake, which was delicious, and Roses had a darling assortment of breads with oil, balsamic & hummous, I believe.

    Can we expect something similar when we visit Cafe C?

    Princess: My flying skills are exemplary!

    It's just that I have to share airspace with those who have yet to master aerobatics!

    MJ: Oh, don't think I hadn't noticed!

    'Petra: No euphemisms? No puns?

    Who are you?!

  17. I haven't checked the post yet this week.

    Will make a trip over there soon.

    Oh it a loofah thingy?

  18. I am Petra, hear me YAY!

  19. I have a topiary treatment for the flighty dead bush... if you're interested?
    I know about bushes.

  20. Awesome photo of the two of you!

    I love reading about meetups like that, because it reminds me of when I met a group of people I had only known through email. It was such a fun experience!

  21. MJ: I'm not telling. You'll have to wait and see!

    Oh, I posted it Thursday, so it may not be there yet.

    'Petra: Ooh, I do hear you.

    Miss Scarlet: I'm quite sure that you do!

    Tara: Thank you.

    Yes, it is fun. We should do it more often.


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