Sunday 30 January 2011

Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were

Over the weekend, for reasons so long and complex I shan't bother to go into them here, I spent rather a lot of time thinking about the past. This ultimately led to me sitting on the floor on Sunday Saturday afternoon, ro
uoting through a load of old folders when I would've actually preferred to be doing something more productive like reading a book or taking a nap; I'm right into taking naps at the weekend these days-
Wait, wait, wait. You can't go through Tim's old post crossing out the bad spelling and the bits not relevant to you. Just get on with telling it your own way!
Thank you, Witchface! * tut * Anyway, so there I was, searching through some dusty old folders. I was actually looking for something specific, and after a while I foun-
What did I just say!?
Oh, ALL RIGHT! Jeez...

Anyway, I'm not sure who this post is going to appeal to - with the exception of Tim (possibly) - but, I found these:

I can't remember when I painted these. I know it was years ago, though. The image on the left was my interpretation of a post Next Generation Starfleet environmental suit, and the one on the right is of a utility suit. If memory serves, I'd traced a couple of models from aftershave/eau de toilette ads in a magazine, then drawn on the suits, transferred them onto (cheap) black paper and painted them with acrylic, or possibly gouache, but probably acrylic? Then I used a very fine permanent marker for the detail.

Here are the original sketches & notes, including a standard duty uniform, which really looks like a pair of pyjamas. Perhaps that's why I never painted it?

These are concept sketches of future versions of the rank insignia from The Original Series movie era (excluding The Motion Picture). Either that or alternate universe variants? Now that I've mentioned it, I remember devising a timeline of events which could have happened if the transwarp drive of the USS Excelsior had actually worked (and Torias Dax had not died in the transwarp drive test shuttle). I'll try and find it for a later post in this series.

Finally, here is a future - or alternate universe - version of the Starfleet insignia/communicator.
Oh, and a semi-naked (obviously couldn't be bothered to draw any pants!), devilish-looking crew member modelling it (traced from a magazine again). And, no, I don't know what that strange wing-looking thing on the right is. Maybe it's a wing?

So, that's that, is it? Aren't you going to explain to our readers why you created these concepts and designs?
I see. Then I will. The Host slaved over these creations because he was sad and lone-
OK! I'll explain. Years ago, when I was single, somewhat depressed and disallusioned with the really-quite-crappy real world, the Star Trek Universe was where I escaped to. Either through watching it on TV/DVD or reading about it, both the fictional novels and the factual reference books. Anyway, my imagination was always running away with me, so I started to elaborate on the established Star Trek canon and continuity. I'd get lost for hours extrapolating stories and technology treknology from snippets of information gleaned from the filmed or written adventures as these sketches show.
Eventually, I snapped out of it because I somehow acquired a life, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, and no longer had the time to indulge in the fantasy.

Very occasionally, however, when I find myself cross with the world-at-large and at a loss for something to do , I sometimes briefly revert to that time and let my mind wander in the Star Trek Universe.

Or doodle cartoons...

Continued in... Star Trek: The Voyages That Never Were II


  1. Bless. I'm actually quite impressed. I like the way you've incorporated the shoulder tab thingy from the TOS movie uniforms (II-VI) into your future uniform; they're my favourite uniforms. And no I do not own one.


  2. hmmm, this is a hidden talent I didn't know you posessed!
    I love Star Trek and sci-fi-fantasy in general.
    I quite like the 'future' uniform with the ripped man with no pants....

  3. Thanks for sharing these. Do you work in graphic design?

  4. The only problem is that we will all be so poor in the future that we'll all be wearing unwashed rabbit skins... like Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. Probably a better look for us girls.

  5. Well... you do hide your talents under a bushel...
    Great sketches... I had to go and do a course to learn how to sketch like that... same method... piture of model in a magazine and all and I'm still crap! congratulations to you.

    Can you do the same when not consumed within a black hole? Just wondered.....

  6. I lurve your dinosaur doodle.

    I'm also a trekkie. When I was a lonely teenager, hiding in my bedroom, I was an intrepid explorer. I loved the Star Trek fan fiction. All of my pocket money got spent on books.

  7. PS. I meant to say, I think you're ever so talented. Those paintings are fantastic.

  8. Tim: For you to be even quite impressed is good enough for me.
    Those movie uniforms are my favourites, too. I don't own one either.

    Well, not so much bad spelling as incorrect word useage.

    KG: It's lovely to see you again!
    So, do you actually like the uniform or the ripped man?

    xl: I almost did. I took a 2 yr graphic design course after I left college, but found it too restrictive as an employment option. Whatever skills I remember from those 2 yrs are only used here on the blog, now.

    Miss Scarlet: You're probably right.

    Tim? Would you prefer to wear a skimpy rabbit-pelt loin cloth than a TOS movie uniform?

    * pleassayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes *

    Princess: Thank you, but I think I traced them - They're not freehand. My freehand sketches tend to have somewhat bizarre proportions - in or out of a black hole.

    Roses: And thank you, too!

    This was the post I told you about but I've posted it early because there's another couple still to squeeze in before some planned posts in Feb.

  9. Awesome! You are very talented. Exactly what kind of magazines did you trace them from?

    Since I don't have any real talents (developed or otherwise) I reverted into movies when I was depressed. Which I was for a very long time.

    I'm so happy your life turned out great.

  10. Mistress MJ bestows the Magic Apple Award to your fruitful imagination.

    By the way, are you developing a line of fashionable intergalactic fetish wear?

    Oh Hai Kyahgirl! Where have you been?

  11. Very productive and creative way to deal with loneliness. I'm impressed!

  12. 'Petra: Ummm... I think they may have been traced from Attitude. Homes & Gardens didn't have the right class of model...

    No real talents? Surely discerning a Louboutin from a Jimmy Choo at 100 metres is a talent. As is your entire fashion knowledge, I would have thought?

    MJ: I humbly accept the proffered award.

    Hmmm... Perhaps I can make some money out of this intergalactic fetish wear? I'll probably need 'Petra's help, though.

    Snooze: Why, thank you.

  13. I have a couple of Copies of Attitude. Lovely magazines!

    It's one thing being knowing that Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. It is an entirely different league to be able to draw or do graphics designs ot sew or whatnot. Producing something.

    It's not like my gayercakes are awardwinning.

  14. Yet. They're not award-winning yet!


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