Friday, 21 January 2011

Bea Newman*

* claps hands like a speshul a la Tim *

Being Human's third series starts on Sunday, people. ON SUNDAY!

* No, I don't know who she is, either.


  1. I'm hopelessly behind.

    I haven't seen series 1 & 2.

  2. Series 3?

    Well I guess we might get to see it here some time in 2012!

    You are such a tease Mr Device.

    We have a new show just starting down here... It's called "On the Busses" Is it any good?

  3. On BBC America we get lots of Gordon Ramsey shows with him cursing at people in kitchens.

  4. i've seen the commercials, sugar, does that count? xoxox

  5. *Claps hands like a demented seal being teased by a kipper*

  6. I'll just see myself out and join Miss Roses then, shall I?

  7. Would that be the Kipper Surprise, Miss Scarlet?

  8. I heard they are showing in on BBC HD and I thought YAY!

    Then found out I've got a European version of that channel so I can't watch it afterall. Boo!

  9. I have heard great things about this Being Human but as I have recently had such bad vampire nightmares I must only watch fluffy, happy shows for a while.

  10. Anonymous22/1/11 22:01

    Eh? TV?

  11. Someone's easily pleased.

  12. Princess: On the buses? Meh. It's OK. You should really look out for The Goode Life, though - Much more entertaining!

    xl: Well, someone had to have him. I think we Brits are a little fed up with him at the moment.

    Savannah: I guess it shows you've tried. Bravo!
    But now you know what you're missing.

    Miss Scarlet: The teasing is nearly over!

    MJ: If you would, there's a dear.

    Kipper Surprise? Oh, yes. I wondered what that smell was.

    'Petra: Can't you get ordinary BBC without HD?

    Snooze: Ummm... So you watch Ugly Betty and Glee, then?
    Even their sad moments are wrapped up in happiness.

    Oh, I miss you Ugly Betty.

    Mago: It's just like sitting at your PC or laptop, only you don't have to do anything. Brilliant, eh?!

    Tim: Maybe that's why I've settled for you?

  13. No, on cable I've got the European BBC channels Entertainment and HD. Also got BBC World but that's just the news.

    I may catch it online if I find somewhere sneaky because the BBC website blocks people outside the UK.

  14. Ooo, you bitch! Harsh!

  15. 'Petra: The Beeb can be pesky like that.

    Tim: That was rather bitchy, wasn't it. I surprised myself. Sorry. Hug?

  16. We have an American version over here now! The first season started last Monday and so far I really like it.


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