Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes chocolate alone just won't do*

Here we are again at the end of another month. They just fly by, don't they? Which is why, out of four books, only one of these is a 'proper' book.
Let's get the non-novels out of the way first, shall we? And in a controversial move, I shall do the first two at once!

18. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and 19. The Australian Women's Weekly Cupcakes & Fairy cakes

To assist me in my goal of becoming a fully fledged Desperate Housewife, I was presented with these two books on my birthday back in March. It hasn't taken me this long to read them really, I just sort of skimmed through and looked at the pictures at the time. This month, however, as well as ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the delectable pictures of cakes, I took the time to really look at the recipes and read the forewords and everything.
I have come to the conclusion, though, that my friends only bought me these books so that I would make the cakes and they could eat them.

* Title from page 31 of the hummingbird Bakery Cookbook: Hazelnut and chocolate cupcakes

20. SFX Collectors Edition: Voyager

Now, before you all start complaining that this is a magazine and not a book, let me tell you that this is 114 pages of reviews of every episode of Star Trek: Voyager (plus other articles, interviews and assorted gubbins) all in teeny tiny writing. It's probably equivalent to reading War and Peace*.
This special edition is from 2001, the year that Voyager ended, an excellent time to conduct a review, wouldn't you say? As well as containing reviews, it also has trivia, personnel files, teaser descriptions and various 'counts' that keep track of shuttles destroyed, crew deaths and photon torpedoes fired, amongst other things.
The reason I hauled this out of The Host's Star Trek archives (I have owned it since 2001 and it has a place amongst my other Star Trek books & sundries) was for SP. You see, Voyager was being shown on SKY1 (or 2, I'm not entirely sure) up until earlier this month, and SP got into it in a big way, so I gave him this to read so he knew what happened in the earlier episodes that he'd missed. Then, once he was finished with it, I re-read it myself.

* Probably. I've never read War and Peace but I've heard that it's a very long book.

21. Misspent Youth, by Peter F Hamilton

A work colleague loaned me this book after he was telling me about the author's Commonwealth Saga novels and how amazing they were (his words, not mine as I haven't read them). This novel is a prequel to the aforementioned saga.
It was ok. A very easy read but certainly nothing special. If you want to know what it's about, click the title link - I'm too hot to be bothered to write any more.

Ta ra for now!


  1. the titles of cookbooks are delightful, sugar! i'll skip the rest. xooxox

  2. Mmmmm. Food porn!

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  3. I'm with the others...the food books looks delicious...

    *waits for IDV to offer us fairy cakes and cupcakes*

    That 7 of 9 is a 10!!! Can I get her in a cake?

  4. P.S. Does that Star Trek book finally reveal what happened to the missing Borg Baby on Voyager?

  5. You looked at two cookbooks, and read a magazine and an 'easy-to-read' novel?


  6. Cook books count? I've studied one of Nigellas earlier this month so can put that in my list? I haven't actually cooked anything from it as everything but the desserts have something in it I can't find or don't like.

    Yay for Nigella though, she's a lush naught saucepot

  7. Naughty not naught obviously. Stupid typo.

  8. Savannah: Aren't they, though. Although, I'm not sure I particularly want a cake made of hummingbirds...

    xl: Perhaps I should have posted a pic of the centrefolds?

    Eros: You may be waiting for a little while. Both for cakes and 7 of 9 in a cake!

    Actually, I don't think the whereabouts of that errant Borg baby was discussed.

    Tim? Do you have any insider info on Borg-Baby-gate?
    Don't stop reading your mighty tomes to enlighten us, though.

    'Petra! I wondered where you'd got to.
    Cookbooks definitely do count. After all, Dinah read children's books and counted them, and she's the queen of reading, just like Nigella is queen of the kitchen!

  9. I will check in on Borg Baby and get back to you.

    If I can be arsed.

  10. I feel deplaziert - misplaced, somehow. Sorry. I started to read Gaddis' "Recognitions", will post about this later. And what is a "Borg Baby"?

  11. Don't worry Mago, so do I.

    A Borg baby is some kind of Star Wars thing.

  12. My My MR De Vice,
    Edna would be very impressed with your choice in cullinary tomes. Bravo.
    As for the others i really can't get my head around any of them.

    I didn't know that Bjorn had lost a baby... how terrible, did he leave it on a tennis court somewhere?

  13. Cupcakes and sprinkles and food porn - oh my!

    See I do stalk around still.....hehehehehehe

  14. Hmmm....

    * waits patiently *


    I guess you can't be arsed then, Tim?

    Dear Mago, I hope you feel more centred now?

    A Borg Baby is a baby Borg from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Collective".
    As Tim couldn't be arsed to find out, I have taken the liberty: It appears to have been sent back to it's own species according to this.

    Star Trek, 'Petra. Star Trek!

    Princess: Well, it looks like the baby's head was made of an inside-out tennis ball, so baby it got lobbed into the crowd?

    Dora!!! You're alive! You're ALIVE!!!
    My eye has missed you!

  15. Princess: "so maybe it got lobbed into the crowd?"

    Baby, indeed.

  16. I think Janeway ate it.