Sunday, 6 June 2010

Scheduling changes

Thank you Continuity Announcer. I'll just carry on now, shall I?

Some of the more astute among you - Well, the few that have visited since yesterday (this is not a link to yesterday's post) - may have noticed a few small changes in blog content here.
I've rearranged some of the links and added a few new ones, including a new section called Caress My Crystal Ball. Now, before you ooh and ahh in faux horror at the perceived innuendo, let me tell you that, like Homer Simpson, I can't even say titmouse without giggling like a schoolgirl - Hee hee hee. Heee hee hee!

* ahem *

Anyway, if you do happen to let your gaze slide over to the sidebar and down a bit you will see that by caressing my crystal ball you are taken to various sites of artistic wonder. Like Concept Ships, for instance, which collects images of futuristic transport from various artists. I have taken the liberty of including a few snippets for you:

This '50s Ford concept looks a little like the Autobot Arcee...

(image via)

Whereas this jet reminds me of one of the dragon-thingies from Avatar. What are they called? Ikran or something?
Actually, it first reminded me of a dragon that Rodney Matthews once drew, but I can't find a picture of it to show you the similarities...
(original image via)

Now before that Continuity Announcer comes back, I've just got time to let you know that it's Coven Member Extraordinaire and teeterer atop the Hag Pillar* Miss Smuggersham's birthday tomorrow. Although, don't get your hopes up for an appearance as she hasn't updated her blog in months. She's probably off being all Smug Married somewhere.
Either that or she's actually been half eaten by Alsations...

* Although, her Extraordinariness and Teetering ability is in question due to her extremely long absence!


  1. FIRST!


    Yes, Happy Birthday to Miss Smuggersham-the-artist-formally-known-as-T-Bird.


    Just a, y'know, idea.

    WV: exotter. Ah, so that's what I was in a previous life?

  2. I miss T-Bird and her little Pee Cat, too!

    PS: I am greatly thankful to be amongst the Flying Monkeys!

  3. Happy birthday Miss Smuggenham!

    Being a point of an inverted pentagram is quite an honour.

    To answer your questions, Prayers For Bobby, and yes put your hands together. Both of them, together, yum!

  4. One imagines you spend a lot of time polishing your crystal ball.

  5. Tim: YOu know I love it when you come first!

    THE SEARCH FOR MISS SMUGGERSHAM - What a good idea. However, I've already written half of our adventure and it would need a massive rewrite for the new title to work. Plus, that's not how it happens, as you well know!

    You can be an otter in this life too, you know?!

    xl: As do I.

    The Flying Monkeys knew there was something missing from their lives, and now that you're here, their lives are complete.

    'Petra: Well, if Miss S doesn't buck her ideas up, you might get a promotion. Along with MJ, of course.

    I envy your dreams.

    MJ: Oh, does one? Maybe I'll have to rethink the aforementioned promotion?

  6. Ewwww, ewww, eww! NO!

    WV: nonkiest

  7. Just what are you Ewwww-ing at Tim? The Firsting? The rewrite, or being an otter?

  8. literally everything.

  9. Happy B'Ltd Birthday, Miss Smuggersham! If the Queen can celebrate her birthday twice in the same year, why can't you, so you'll get more treats?

    I still haven't seen Avatar; I much prefer the cartoon version, when they were just living in a mushroom village and the only person trying to attack them was Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

    The futuristic plane looks cool though. I like it when artists and scientists try to envision the future. Bring on the Jetson cars!

  10. Happy birthday Miss S . I think Tim should confront Miss MJ's beaver in the next story


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