Saturday, 5 June 2010


Hmmm... What to do? What?

I feel that I should do something, but it's too hot to think about, never mind to actually do.

I ought to have a clear out, or maybe update the blog? And I know I should really finish off the Cusp Trek adventures, before you mention it.

Maybe I'll make some more cakes?

What are you all doing?


  1. Cake. Definitely cake ... and pix!

  2. I'm sat here lured in by the temptation to see who's updated when up you popped.


    It's only 8 am here.

    I'm off for a shower and brekkie.

    Have I managed to bore you or are you now picturing me nekkid in the shower?

    wv: mistype

  3. MJ, I am picturing you nekkid with a cake out in the rain!

  4. I'm melting!

    wv: ovenes
    Although not Apocalypse

  5. I've been lounging on my chaise all day watching recorded TV and finally stopped crying from watching a movie.

    Now I'm in bed, about to have naughty dreams of Tim and Ricky Martin.

    Wv. Dirtyrott

  6. Well, doing chores around the house and rewarding yourself with treats sounds good.

    Perhaps a weather report and local interesting news on what's happening in your part of the world. It's summer now, so I'm assuming y'all are getting sunshine and the flowers are all blooming. And shouldn't y'all be shopping for a present for Liz? And why is it you celebrate her birthday two months after the fact?

    Perhaps you ought to bake her a cake in Her Majesty's Honor!

  7. xl: Oh, there'll be cake. Maybe as soon as Wednesday?

    MJ: I sensed you lurking.

    No, not that sort of cake.

    And not in the shower, either!

    'Petra: Whatever movie were you watching?

    And, more to the point, these naughty dreams: both of the mtogether, or seperately?

    Eros: Weather: Has just finished tipping it down after a thunderstorm. Although yesterday was really hot and sunny.
    Local news: Residents are livid over pans to build some sort of lodge in the park opposite where we live.
    Royal engagements: Nah. Liz has got everything she needs, we just send her well wishes.
    I did used to know why she has two birthdays, but I can't remember now. I'm just thankful for the extra day holiday we civil servants get out of it!

  8. I clearly wasn't reading your blog…

  9. I'Ve been Playing Lumberjacks today..
    A tree fell in my garden and you know... no one heared it clapping...

    It never hurts to tweak your blog..

    wv: syche..
    it knows me so well


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