Sunday, 27 June 2010

MJ's Calamitous Comment Compo Caper Concluded

After a veritable 'avalanche' of one entry to this competition (1.2 if one includes Miss Scarlet and xl's entries), I declare the winner to be ErosWings!
Eros very nearly scored full points with his answers, so congratumalations to him. The only one that was misplaced was Comment 9 which MJ left on the post Missing: MJ, and not post 10.

Here are the comments as I received them into my gmail inbox:




4 & 5.

6, 7 & 8.


Congratulations again, Eros! There's no prize as it's been too bloody hot here to even think of what would be a suitable prize, never mind to actually go out and get one, but thank you for taking part anyway.

And apologies to Roses and BEAST for the scrambled brain cells and seizure, respectively.


  1. Congrats to Eros and Miss Scarlet!

  2. congratulations, but when was the contest? how did i miss it? will there be another one? can you do another one? pleasepleaseplease. xoxoxoxo

  3. I win! I win!

    *Blows vuvuzela to celebrate victory*

  4. And to yourself, xl!

    : Last week. Don't know. Probably. Oh, OK then!

    Eros: * snatches away vuvuzela and snaps it in half *

    Dratted things!

  5. Condolences to Eros for his damaged vuvuzela. Ouch!

  6. Anonymous27/6/10 23:00

    Congratulations, eroswings! I confess I did not understand what was going on, too bloody intellectual games. Besides - I have a spare vuvu here ...

  7. congrats Mr Eros,
    Appologies to Mr DeVice for my non Participation in the event but I was a tad bamboozled and as the comments had gone and in recent times have not been linking to my email box,the thought of hunting for missing missives was all to much. I had to take a powder and lay down just at the thought...

  8. Congrats!!!
    Did I win something....?
    It is a bit warm and confusing this morning.

  9. Hurrah for Mr Eros and Miss Scarlet. I was completely flummoxed by the whole thing

  10. I hereby declare Eroswings "Man of the Year".

    My comments leave a lot to be desired though.

    Perhaps it's not such a bad thing that they've all disappeared when you actually see the drek I publish in print.

  11. I have to leave this or I won't be able to get follow-ups.

    It will disappear, no doubt.


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