Saturday, 12 June 2010

Missing: MJ

(Image by Basil Wolverton via)

Oh, no! I told MJ the future is now and that she shouldn't take that flight!

For more info, visit Eros, Savannah and Mago amongst others.


  1. I don't like those intergalactic perverts looking in on MJ. That's our job!

  2. Those buggers must be upset that they weren't featured on Filthy Friday.

    Bring back Infomanaic!

  3. All the Mistresses comments have been deleted from my coment forms... can anyone explain how this happens?

  4. IVD, thanks for the laugh that I so badly needed.

    What a sh*t day. Can I say sh*t on your blog? Maybe that's why they shut me down.

    I miss my blogging home with its oubliette, it's Plaid Room and, of course, the cake. And, of course, all of YOU bitches!

    If this doesn't get resolved, I plan to create a new blog in future. Because my summer is going to be ridiculously busy, it won't be for quite some time. Possibly not until the new year. But when I find time, I'll create a new Gmail account and Blogger account if I can and at least I'll be able to leave comments at everyone's blogs. As it stands now, I can't leave comments on those blogs that don't allow anonymous comments.

    An update to let you know that earlier today I was getting a “server error” message when I tried to contact Google. I’ve just now managed to get the message through. If I get a response from Google, I’ll let you know.

    My wv is "ailot" ... I think it's trying to say "Thanks alot."

  5. Hope it all works out!

    Beware of the Daleks!

  6. Hey. I just thought I'd drop by for some consolation at the missing Infomaniac.

    I miss MJ. I can't believe Blogger have just wiped her from our lives.

  7. Oh no, I can't imagine the interwebs without an MJ and her slightly rude comments!

  8. Anonymous13/6/10 12:44

    Next is Leni Qinan.

  9. I just popped over to let you know that I'm putting money on myself to be next among the dissapearing blogs... It has now happened to Leni a regular at Mago's and a recent addition to the infomaniac bitch list... so i guess we should all be prepared...

  10. Thank you all for stopping by and showing your support for MJ.

    And to the Infomaniac herself: You can say shit all you like here. I do. Shit.

    I hope you'll be back on the blogwaves soon. I'm keeping my freakishly bendable digits crossed for sooner rather than later!

  11. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

    Now I'm going to go have a fag.

    No, I don't feel any better. I'm still pissed off with Blogger. What the hell do they think they're playing at.

    It's all about Censorship.

  12. Why does your blog now have a warning that you might not be suitable for children and old people?

  13. Because he is a filthy gay, Tim


  14. WAIT - HE'S GAY?!*

    *in homage to Dinah.

  15. Google has gone mental. Deleting one of their best users. Disgusting. Cast a spell IDV.

  16. i'm adding y'all to my blogroll, sugar! i can't bear the thought of possibly losing another infomaniac bitch! xoxoxo

    i kid y'all not, but wv is: DEMAND!


  17. It won't do to have gays and other filthy pervs prancing about the Interwebs, you know.

    SOMEONE had to put a stop to it.

    Why don't you bitches stop fretting for one minute and help me decide on a name for my new blog.

    This loss of blog might be alright after all. I'll just pop 'round to everyone elses blogs and boss you all around.

    Now help me think up a name!

  18. I suggest for Miss MJ,
    The Unbearable Lightness of Weeing :-)

  19. So we need to come up with a name that encompasses Filthy Fridays, Cocks with Frocks, the Fag, Hag and Old Slag Dating service, the Plaid Room, the Oubliette, Beast's underwear and Ms Scarlet's crates of Febreeze?

    Cyberpete...we need cocktails!

  20. I'm not ignoring you all, I just haven't had time to respond individually. My apologies.

    Except for, Miss Scarlet: Thank you!

    And Tim: Yes, as well as being a filthy gay, the witchcraft element might enrage those ultrachristian fanatics and I really don't want this blog deleted because there was no warnings for them.

  21. Testing to see if my comment stays.

    Oh Hai, Miss Scarlet!

  22. Hee - thanks for jumping in with your incredulousness, Tim!


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