Sunday, 20 June 2010

MJ's Calamitous Comment Compo Caper

As MJ has returned and ruined the previous compo (although she says you can carry on and think up names, although why you'd bother after one of Kapitano's suggestions tickled her fancy, I don't know?), I bring you this one, inspired by her missing comments.
I have laid out below a few of MJ's recent comments on this blog, as received into my Googlemail inbox.
All you have to do is match the comment to the post it was from and, in case of a tie-breaker situation, what number comment they were and/or between which other bloggers comments.
All of the missing comments were made in June posts of this year (bar one which was made in June but was from a May posting), so there's no need to go flailing around my dusty crypt to seek out where the comments could have come from.
You may either leave your answers in the form of a comment, or email them to me - My email address is in my Blogger Profile over there on the right.

Well? What are you waiting around for? Snap to it! And remember, you can click the comments to embigulate.




4 & 5.

6, 7 & 8.


Good luck!


  1. I remember #7!

    Did I win?

  2. Anonymous20/6/10 23:38

    Tough ...

  3. When did I start using phrases like jiggery-pokery?

    It must be the company I keep.

  4. I don't want to win every compo so I'll let you guys figure this one out on your own.

  5. It's Monday morning, can't scramble enough braincells to participate.

    I did just pop by to wish you Warmest Solstice Blessing though. May the Sun warm you and those you love throughout the rest of the summer.

  6. 9. must have been recent!

  7. 10

    Comment 2

    Comments 4 and 5

    Comment 9

    Scheduling changes

    Comment 3


    Comments 6, 7, & 8

    T'Leng raised an eyebrow*

    Comment 1

  8. you may not remember me, but i used to read your blog a long time ago and i'm back blogging again (I used to be a hangover you don't deserve) and I thought I'd say hey :)

  9. This competition is way to complicated for me , I almost had some sort of siezure trying to sort it out . I am going to lay down in a darkened room for a while to recover :-(

  10. I do remember you, Brianne: Hi!
    I also remember suggesting that you play the 1812 Overture rally loud at 4am on a school night to disturb some college kids who were partying too much near you. Did you do it?

  11. Oh hi, how's my favourite witch?


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