Monday, 14 June 2010

Name MJ's new blog competition!

The currently blogless MJ has tasked us to help her come up with a new name for her new blog which should be in service in the new year. I know it seems a long way off, but MJ will be having a very busy summer (and probably Autumn/Fall & Winter, too), so we have plenty of time to come up with suggestions.
We do need to come up with a name good enough to inspire Mistress MJ to blog sooner rather than later, as, in her own words: "I'll just pop 'round to everyone elses blogs and boss you all around.

Now help me think up a name!"
And we all know how good she is at being bossy, so the sooner she gets back to blogging, the better it'll be for the rest of us.

The lovely Roses says: "So we need to come up with a name that encompasses Filthy Fridays, Cocks with Frocks, the Fag, Hag and Old Slag Dating service, the Plaid Room, the Oubliette, Beast's underwear and Ms Scarlet's crates of Febreeze?

Cyberpete...we need cocktails!"

I think she may be right.

Some suggestions already put forward include:

Bimboland (by xl) and The Unbearable Lightness of Weeing (by BEAST).

So, get your thinking caps on and put forward your thoughts, suggestions and ideas of a blog title that encapsulates (rather like a fragrance) Infomaniac, Essence Of MJ.

Like a ghost in the machine, Infomaniac lingers on as evidenced in the above Google-search. These three images are the first ones to pop up - Says it all, doesn't it?


  1. Excellent idea!

    I think if each Infomaniac pitches in and takes on a project like this, the sooner we will get our Mistress MJ den mother back!

  2. personally, i find it more than interesting a google search turned up all those images, but Herself's comments were deleted on everyone's blogs...ok, now back to the contest, sugar! i shall have a think over cocktails this afternoon! xoxoxoxox


  3. MJ's Huge Opening.

    MJ's Gash Machine.

    Tits and Bits.

    It's Only Cock and Holes But I Like it.

  4. MJ 's Gash.....
    ***** Gasp !!!!! ****

  5. Next year?????

    The fucking slacker.

    I'll have forgotten all about her by then.

  6. Hello dahlingk.

    Are there cocktails? Humpf.

    I'm pulling a blank at the new name for MJ's blog. Useless, I know.

    *puts thinking cap on, to cover up bad hair day*

  7. Anonymous15/6/10 02:39

    Teehee .. a image search ...

  8. Stop everything! She's back!!

  9. Eeeeeeek!

    ***runs off***

  10. It is such a good feeling to know that MJ has returned from the void. And they said it couldn't be done.
    I truly missed those legs on my follewers widget, she was my first you know...

  11. Anonymous15/6/10 15:37

    MAybe time for a makeover ... what about:
    "Vuvuzela revisited"?

  12. Well, MJ's comments have yet to reappear on our blogs (and hers), but having Infomaniac back is a huge victory for us all!

    Thank you everyone for your actions and support in restoring Infomaniac! I bet those houseboys (and several Infomaniac regulars) are celebrating like those fellas in the middle picture!

  13. I’ve never been so insulted by an image search in my life!

    As for the rest of you and your filthy suggestions, if I weren’t feeling so poorly I’d give you all a good Norwegian Fish Whipping!

  14. My comment disappeared from here... AND from my own blog post!!!

  15. By using the power of cut'n'paste, MJ said...

    I’ve never been so insulted by an image search in my life!

    As for the rest of you and your filthy suggestions, if I weren’t feeling so poorly I’d give you all a good Norwegian Fish Whipping!

    15/6/10 20:50

  16. Anonymous16/6/10 13:03

    Ach .. a tear rolls down my stubbly cheek .. she's really back.

  17. *slaps each one of you with a wet herring*

  18. Mr Swings has instigated a campaign to get the comments back and the Dark UFO person is on to it!

    Anyhow, I like Mr Mag's'ssss suggestion...
    My suggestion is: The Knitting Blog with Knobs on.
    This should keep everyone sweet.

  19. My comment from yesterday is gone. :(

  20. Possible future titles for MJ's Blog:

    The Flith Machine
    Great Googly Moogly
    The Great Whale Sperm
    Luke, I Am Your Mother
    MJ's Bloggy-woggy
    Not The Blog You Were Looking For

  21. MJ's Bloggy-woggy!


  22. How About...

    1) Open Wide, Bitches

    2) MJ's Big Blog Explosion

    3) Blog Bloviations

    4) MJ's BOBHICA (Bend Over Bitches, Here It Comes Again)

    Of course, your mileage may vary...glectuab

  23. Why Cookie, you saucepot!


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