Sunday, 4 July 2010

Of Driveways and Film Stars

After spending all the previous day turning this

into this,

imagine my horror when I opened the blinds this morning and saw this:

Yes. A bloody unicorn in our garden. The cheek of it!
Now, before you all get on your high horses (no pun intended), it's not the unicorn per se that I object to. No. It's Tom Cruise.

It's bad enough that I had to endure him in War Of The Worlds last night (SP really wanted to watch it), but now I'll have to discourage the micro-star from flattening my boarders and gallumphing all over the freshly raked shingle. You see, every time a unicorn shows up, the tiny clod thinks it's his duty to look after it as he thinks he's still in Legend.


  1. Please tell that the gray dog didn't get turned into something else!

  2. Jeez, I didn't even remember Tom Cruise was in that movie! I just remember Mr. Hottie Bighorn Red Guy!!! ;-)

    Of course, I haven't seen it in about 20 years...

  3. Well, surely you need a garden gnome?

  4. You can see straight through your house into the back garden in the third picture; do you own any furniture?

  5. that is GORGEOUS, sugar! i would love having gravel on my drive like that. *sigh*. it's a circular drive and would be perfect! xoxoxox

    (what was the other stuff y'all were going on about?) ;~)

  6. The driveway looks fantastic and the plants look vibrant and provide a nice, lively, soft touch to the new drive way. Great job.

    Don't let Tom Cruise into your house! He'll be tracking in unicorn poop and jumping on your sofa!

  7. Oh do go on... You had the Y-fronts and the couch all primed and ready for tiny toms arrival, unicorn and all! And gimmie that Old time rock and roll already in the player in anticipation of his private dancing!

    The driveway does look stunning tho. And gravel will make it much easier for tiny tom to rake up the unicorn droppings, how thoughtful...

    Anyone that remembers that tiny tom was in legend must have a secret "Thing" for him....

  8. Oh I just had a thought. are you sure you don't have your movies mixed up? it could well have been Harrison Ford, he had a thing for unicorns, Or else I might be Hagrid...

  9. ...and Harrison Ford is married to Calista Flockhart who had a thing about unicorns in Ally McBeal.
    So now it all makes sense.

  10. I hate that when A list celebrities make fast and loose with ones plantings and or furniture . Sir Elton is the worst , you have to follow the blighter around with anti bacterial wet wipes and a mop....discraceful behaviour

  11. Ugh! I had to endure him in Interview With A Vampire the other day. Thank the heavens that Brad Pitt was there to soften the blow..

    Don't let Kathleen Turner into your house if she comes a knockin' because she'll just eat all your cakes. As will Kirstie Alley. Love them dearly but I make that mistake once.

  12. No, xl, Moom didn't turn into anything other than a lazier dog, so you needn't worry.

    Ponita: Well, Tim Curry did kind of steal the show.

    Tim: Yes, but not an uppity one who deands a red carpet to cross the lawn to the pond.

    Oh, and yes I do own furniture. It's just tucked away so you can't see it (there's a sofa in the bay window and another along the right wall, a glass table and chairs on the left wall in the dinig room and shelves along the right wall, leaving a clear walk thorugh to the garden).

    Thank you, . You should so get gravel. I'm envious of your circular drive - I'd love to sweep in majestically in Car and sweep out again without stopping!

    Eros: Thank you, too - It was a lot of hard work. Especially in the heatwave we're currently experiencing.
    I thank my stars that we don't have a catflap, or I do fear what Tiny Tom could do if he gets inside.

    Princess: Well, actually, back in the day he was ok. before he got too big for his tiny-weeny boots, that is.
    I've saved the unicorn poop - It's a marvellous mulch and fertiliser!

    Didn't Harrison Ford only like origami unicorns?

    Miss Scarlet: Does this mean I should be checking behind the laurel hedge for a lurking Harrison Ford?

    BEAST: I'm glad I'm not the only one plagued by them. Although, I do feel for you - Sounds like Elton is much worse than Tom.

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  14. ooh! 'Petra and xl, you scared me silly.

  15. Now where have you gone, xl?

  16. Funny, the track that came on my iPhone was Kylie - Looking for an angel.

    Do you think we'll find XL?

  17. I hope so, 'Petra.

    Gosh. I hope he wasn't accidently swallowed by la Allie, or la Turner?

  18. Oh god no! They do have their healthy appetites and XL is sweet..

  19. Oh, wait, here it is:

    "PS: I may watch Valkyrie tonight to see Tom as a disgruntled Nazi."

    Oh Hai Pete!

  20. 'Petra: But surely there won;'t be enough to go around?

    Ah, xl! You escaped the clutches of those two foodies!

  21. xl was part of the disappearing bloggernauts today, sugar! we're slowly returning to cyberspace! xoxoxox

  22. Perhaps your parents actually did you a favour by making you labour on that shed installation as your skills worked well on the driveway. I stand in awe.


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