Thursday, August 14, 2008

A week in pictures

Or rather, A week at the pictures...

Tuesday: I saw The X-Files: I Want To Believe

I really liked it! I must admit, I was mostly watching the interplay between Mulder and Scully. The subtle facial expressions, the comfortable interaction, the familiarity between them both. I've missed them since I stopped watching the series.
The good thing about this film is that it really is a standalone piece. One only needs to have some knowledge of who Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are, to enjoy this film.
Billy Connolly is excellent as the psychic ex-priest, and even the slightly ridiculous stem-cell storyline wasn't so preposterous that it spoiled the film.
My advice, if you haven't watched this film, is to watch it for Mulder & Scully, and don't take it too seriously. And sit through the end credits for a sweetly amusing extra.

Wednesday: Wall.E

Despite the cinema being full of pesky kids, I loved this latest offering from Pixar. I was more than a little cynical when it started, but Wall.E and EVE are just so endearing that my cynicism soon evaporated. I was even welling up, ready to cry near the end, when one child started bawling. The whole cinema 'Ahhhh'ed, which prompted me to get a grip of my self. It wouldn't do to lose one's composure whilst surrounded by (mostly well behaved, actually) little monsters.

Today: The Dark Knight

Booooorrrrring. Gosh, what a miserable, gloomy affair that was. It was very well done, but rather over the top and far too long. At one point, I thought it was going to end, but it just started up again and ran for another 45 mins, or so. I don't have any idea if it's Oscar-worthy or not, but Heath Ledger did pull a strikingly good turn as the Joker. Oh, and Batman's voice was just ludicrous! At least Aaron Eckhart looked yummy in it (pre-facelift).

That's all for now. No cinema tomorrow. Instead, I'm meeting The Wiggler for more shopping and lunch (yes, we both have another day off together), then going for lots and lots of drinks with the work Coven.


  1. Tell us more about how you got a "grip" on yourself.

  2. Mmm, lots of drinks sounds delicious. I hope there will be drunken commenting.

    The Dark Knight was very the end of it, it seemed like a couple of different movies that had been strung together.

    Watching the X-Files movie made me want to go back and watch some of the early episodes.

  3. OK, I really liked both The X-Files and Wall•E, but Dark Knight … BORING?!


    I still have a raging nerd-boner from that movie!

  4. The Oscars are stupid. Some of the best films don't even get nominated. No doubt they'll mention Heath only because he's dead. Hollywood is stupid like that.

    Haven't seen any movies lately, but your reviews help me note the ones I need to see, and the ones I don't.

    Nothing like Happy Hour!

  5. Hmmm. Seeing Wiggles again, eh?

  6. MJ: Well, first I...

    Oh, look. Someone else has commented. I'd better move on.

    Dinah: I'm going to have to look around all the cable channels I don't watch, just to try and find some X-Files episodes.

    Actually, lots of drinks doesn't sound quite as good, now. I've just got back from shopping and am exhausted! I just want to collapse with one (giant) drink and relax.

    Tim: I could help you out with that, If you'd like?

    Eros: I don't like the fact that some films are made just to get an Oscar. They're so po-faced.

    T-Bird: Well, yeeess... He is super-cute, and does make me laugh. A lot!

  7. We might see "The Dark Knight" on Saturday. I heard that it's a long movie, but I'd like to see Ledger's performance.

    I love Aaron Eckhart, especially in "Erin Brockovich", "Thank You for Smoking" and "The Core", although "The Core" was the standard corny action/disaster flick. I still liked him, though.

  8. I had you down for Mama Mia IVD....

  9. I KNEW IT!

    Oh and I do hope you had fun shopping and drinking today.

  10. Oh yes, the shopping - what monstrosities did you buy today?

    Do share!

  11. Yes, I want to hear more about... shopping.

    I'd do a winking smiley emoticon right now, if I didn't have serious issues with emoticons.

  12. I'm glad you said "winking" T-Bird.

  13. Tara: Heath Ledger did give a brilliant, but disturbing performance, so you should definitely see it for that.

    Aaron Eckart is just so lovely. Especially in The Core. It's one of my favourite films, corny as it may be!

    BEAST: Eww, no. I don not want to see Pierce Brosnan butchering ABBA songs, or watch Meryl Streep bouncing on her bed like a nine year old. Pah!

    CyberPetra: Lots and lots of fun, thank you.

    And you knew what? Am I being particularly dense?

    Tim: I'll get some pictures sorted so you can all see my new monstrosi- Hey!

    T-Bird: I was going to do a post about my day, but it would be quite dull, as most of the fun you had to be there for.
    All I'll say is, I was an enormous bitch, and The Wiggler was a MASSIVE bitch! But so very very funny.

    Tim: Me too.

    MJ: Argh! Evil Universe Stupid Dopplegangers!

  14. The Batman movie. I knew it would be dark and depressing.

  15. I loved Dark Knight and I don't usually like long movies. Then again, you're looking forward to Tron 2. Just saying...