Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Away

I had a dream about Beaky last night.

I dreamt that I left the house with a handful of chopped sultanas to put out for the birds and Beaky flew down, landed on my outstretched hand, and began to eat them. He didn't screech or attempt to peck my fingers off or have my eyes out, he just calmly ate a few sultanas. I continued to walk out into the back garden to put the leftover sultanas on and around the bird feeder, and Beaky hopped up onto my shoulder. I left the garden and began to walk down the road with Beaky still on my shoulder.

Suddenly, I was at The Parent's old house, sitting by the pond. Beaky was washing himself in the shallows as I spoke to Indescribable, who was also sitting by the pond. Then I noticed that Beaky was drowning! I quickly scooped him up and laid him on the grass at the water's edge. He seemed to be ok, so I carried on talking to my sister.

When I looked down again, he was gone. There were ripples on the surface of the pond, and a dark shape was slowly sinking to the bottom. Beaky! I thrust my hand into the water again, but it had turned almost black, as had the weeds growing beneath the surface. There were also strange fish and other creatures gliding ominously about in the depths. Frantically, I attempted to retrieve the blackbird, but I couldn't find him amongst the pondweed. I tried again and again, but my fingers only felt the slimy weeds. After what seemed like an eternity, and close to tears, I gave up, knowing Beaky must have drowned.

Then I woke up.

I think Beaky, my arch-nemesis and tormenter, is no more.

This is not the whole reason for my blog-absence over the last few days. I have felt particularly curmudgeonly and antisocial lately, only venturing out when I sensed semi-nudity and chlorine - Both at Tim's and Dinah's. I noted that Tim has neglected to post any pictures of himself looking dreamy in Speedos, though...

However, I believe the worst of my mood swing is over now (helped by the imminent arrival of another Victoria sponge cake - As long as Apocalypse Oven doesn't burn it to a cinder). As such, I will be back on Monday for the birthday of one of the Coven.

Stay tuned!

I might be missing Beaky a tiny, little bit...


  1. Oh no!

    At least I don't have to start a "Finding IDV" segment.


  2. Poor Beaky! And poor you. I'm glad that the semi-nudity of hot Olympians has been there to help you in this time.

  3. Hurrah your back .
    Poor Beaky :-( go and cheer yourself up by gazing at MJ's Saturday snatch

  4. Poor Beaky...What a vivid, dramatic dream you had! Sometimes they mean the opposite, though, so perhaps Beaky is around just not around. Know what I mean?

    Welcome back!

  5. I wouldn't count Beaky out just yet...the entire bird family just probably migrated somewhere for wint--, um, vacation.

    Or maybe the demon overload promoted him so he had to relocate.

  6. Maybe Beaky has found a Mrs Beaky?

    Sorry about the lack if pics - my erratic broadband connection means I don't have the ability to post any.

  7. Why don't you just admit, as Beast confided to me, that you were servicing the Russian fleet?

    And next time you're PMS-ing, try leaving a little note in the comments section so we know you're just having one of your infamous mood swings and not lying dead in a gutter somewhere!

  8. Your little feathered friend will be off holidaying in the sunshine, somewhere exotic.

    The Canary Islands are rather nice at this time of year.

  9. ****guiltily hides new feather duster behind back*****