Saturday, August 16, 2008

Crappy lighting, Ahoy!

Tim wanted to see what 'monstrosities' I'd bought yesterday. I only bought one item, and it isn't a monstrosity, it's a delightful piece of finery - It's the jacket I'd ooh-ed and ahh-ed about last week (along with the jeans from Topman).

Umm... Sorry about the bad lighting. I'll see if I can take a better pic tomorrow if the sun ever deigns to come out.


  1. Nice jacket, from what I can see.

    The shirt is pretty glow in the dark orange though.

    You seriously need to reconsider that. It's so 80s.

    Otherwise you look fiiiiine. If I wasn't too embarrassed about it I would tell you a secret of mine.

  2. I'm forced to agree with Cyberpete - the jacket does look OK. Why are you holding your hand like that, though? It just looks … disturbing.

  3. I also like the jacket! It goes well with the jeans.

  4. It does go well with the jeans, but not the picture frame on your mantelpiece. If I was cleaning your house I might 'accidently' sweep that onto the floor.

  5. Why is one of your thighs twice the size of the other?

    Did you have polio as a child?

    Or is it just another one of your many freakish deformities?

  6. I'm so glad you went and splurged on the jacket.

  7. Tres chic, Sir! Nice purchase!

  8. Meow! Very, very, niiiiiiiice.

  9. Now Tim got me looking in the background and I couldn't help but notice the white thing that's leaning up against the wall (?)

    What is that? I think it's time for a show and tell.

  10. CyberPetra: You shouldn't keep secrets. They fester inside until they explode out of your ribcage, screeching and caterwauling.

    It's best to tell us now.

    Tim: Which one? The camera-holding hand or the other one?

    Dinah: Lucky, that. I would've bought the jacket even if it didn't go with any of my other clothes!

    Tim2: Yes, it is a particularly hideous frame. I don't quite know why I've kept it? Probably too lazy to get rid of it.

    MJ: I have something in my pocket...

    Snooze: Splurged on the jacket?! I like it, but not that much!

    Tara: Why, thank you.

    T-Bird: Why, thank you, too!

    CyberPetra: Do you mean the translucent white thing hanging off the edge of the mantlepiece?
    It's a mask. I'll show & tell later.

  11. No, no. Not that. The stick thing going down on the floor.

    As for the secret, I think I'll wait for the aliens experience. I couldn't possibly tell you let alone everyone else reading your blog.

  12. CyberPetra: Oh, that. It's actually the edge of my mirrored wardrobe door. That's my reflection in the door - I had to really concentrate to project a solid reflection, rather than a wishy washy, translucent affair.
    If you look in the bottom left corner, you can see the carpet, skirting board and wall behind me.

    I'll keep an eye out for signs of an impending chestburster secret. Hopefully, I can get a plastic sheet down first to stop everything getting covered in blood.

  13. I can tell you are concentrating a lot. Fist clenched and legs rigid.

    What's that blue thing to the right of the slightly peculiar frame?

  14. I don't quite know why my fist is clenched, CyberPetra? Perhaps one of the SubC's had taken over and was threatening MirrorMe?

    Ah, perhaps Tim ment the clenched fist hand?

    The blue thing is a vase. The other blue thing on the left is an egg shaped paper weight.

  15. Yes, I meant the clenched fist hand.

    In other news, I've just been shopping. Bought a shirt.

  16. I like it! And am still a fan of the the orange T.

  17. I bet Tim went and got himself an orange and tinfoil t-shirt.

    Oh and what's that mask for? It looks a little bizarre from that angle.

  18. Tim: I hope your new shirt is made of the same fabric as the emperor's new coat, and that you're going to post a picture of you wearing it?

    W*P*D: Yay! Good job really, as, coincidently, I'm wearing another orange T in the next pics, too.

    CyberPetra: The mask was for a Hallowe'en fancy dress party. I was going to go as Knight with his psi-armour on, but I ended up looking like a Tholian.