Sunday, August 10, 2008

Britain from Above

Thanks to the BBC, you can now see what I have to deal with when piloting Broom:

Somewhat tellingly, backwards Norwich is absent from the mapping information:

At 1:17 into the video, in the bottom right corner, is Norwich, with nary a glimmer of dataflow.

This was an absolutely fascinating program about the way Britain functions. If any of you have the chance to see it, I definitely recommend it. Next weeks program is called Manmade Britain, and it's about how some of the greenest landscapes were shaped by humans. Consider me unobtainable from 9-10pm next Sunday.

And for those wondering about how all those seamen get to the docks:

EDIT 11.08.08 06:43 Uh oh. After several of you commented that you can't see the videos, I checked the terms & conditions. It seems that The BBC may limit access to the video clips to users in the UK.


I'll see if I can find them on YouTube later, but for now, the swimming pool beckons...

EDIT 11.08.08 14:11 Well, I had a look on YouTube after I got back from swimming, but the three videos I posted seem to be the only three that aren't on there. Try clicking on the first BBC link in this post and select the videos from there - I think the Information Mapping one is the the first one on the second row (the other two will have links at the end of the video). If that doesn't work, you're plum out of luck!


  1. The videos didn't work for me...but the pictures were cool!

    I love stuff like this.

  2. Dinah: They don't work for me either.

    Maybe they don't want Canadians to see.

  3. They worked fine for me!

    [okay, not really... this Canadian was banned too]

  4. Gah! It says 'not working at this time - try again later'. How polite and BBC-ish!

    I really do want to see this, though - it looks amazing!

  5. So the BBC hates Canadians AND Australians.

  6. Sorry everyone! I'll look for the videos on YouTube later. Some geek must have uploaded them by now...

  7. Your travels will forever stay a mystery to me apparently.

    Or until as you so rightly put it "some geek" has uploaded them onto youtube.

  8. ***looks smug****
    I can see them
    The BBC obviously loves its old Beasty.
    It looks facinating IVD , is the next one on sunday did you say :-)

  9. CyberPetra: I think I could indeed be waiting forever for that geek.

    BEAST: The BBC must've found a way to only let the UK's TV license payers watch these videos?

    That's not to say the Beeb doesn't love you, though. The Beeb loves all its children!

    Yes, next Sunday at 9pm. I shall also look smug as I watch it.

  10. I have a few geek friends on Facebook I could try to lure into doing it for us.

  11. I went to the BBC site, and the only vid they had available was the air traffic over Britain one. And good lawd, with all those streaming lights, it looks like the Battlestar Galactica was firing on a baseship! No wonder it's a nightmare flying over the the last cylon hiding in the UK?

  12. Eros, you had me at baseship.

    I'm off to the Beeb site now.

  13. Nup. The Beeb is still axing the Colonials.

    Meaning I can't even watch it at their site.

    Grumble etc.

  14. CyberPetra: I was going to have a look at the HTML code to see if I could figure out how to let you all see the videos, then I laughed at my hilarious joke!

    Eros: Shhhh! I can't give away the secret of the last Cylon.

    I'm glad that at least one Johnny Foreigner has been able to see at least one video.

    T-Bird: I'm so sorry. We've created a monster that's turned on its creators. The Beeb is a more powerful foe than I first gave it credit to be!

  15. Just you wait until it turns into a gorgeous blonde with a penchant for short and hairy men!

    Then we are all DOOMED!!

  16. Why doesn't Norwich appear? Is it because IT'S NOT A REAL CITY?

  17. Doesn't everyone hate Canadians? I just assumed that was universal.

    And why are my plums out of luck?

  18. T Bird, try this link and see if it works for Britain from Above. I think it's a composite vid of all the vids IDV posted.

    I'm forewarning you though, the ship/sea portion look like sperm making the journey to look for an all sorts of directions. But I suppose that's to be expected if it was the Norwich portion of the vid.

  19. Awesome, I found it on BBC Iplayer. Look forward to watching the next one. Thanks hun.

  20. It looks a bit like something out of Doctor Who

  21. Go to Eroswings' blog immediately.

  22. Shuuuuush MJ!

    Don't say that. Let us have that for ourselves.