Friday, August 08, 2008

An apology

I had the day off today and spent the afternoon wandering around Norwich (at least twice) shopping with The Wiggler. We laughed about fat people, orange (the colour, not the fruit), falling over, brown being the colour of poo, headstones, 100 chicken fajitas and cruising, and we just about managed to buy some clothes, too.

The apology is to Tim: I bought some jeans from TopMan after ridiculing Tim for doing the exact same thing. However, it wasn't my choice to go in there. Wiggler was getting desperate - We'd been shopping for hours and he hadn't bought anything, so we were down to 'The Last Resorts' (TopMan, NEXT and Burton). As he rifled through the sales racks (we'd already looked through the rest of the shop and found nothing of interest), I idly flicked my fingers across the size labels of the bootcut jeans, when suddenly, a fanfare of trumpets sounded as my fingers found a 32W 36L label. And only £12! How could I refuse? The trumpets were in my head, but still, TopMan actually do sell 36 inch leg jeans! I immediately pulled them off the rack, along with the 34W 36L jeans next to them (in case I'd got fat, or they were sparing with their waist sizes). In the boiling hot changing rooms (why are all changing rooms boiling hot?), I went for the 34W jeans first, reasoning that the 32s would probably be too small and that I'm kidding myselves if I think I can comfortably get into them. Just as I was taking them off the hanger, I noticed the style: Slim fit! Bugger. My legs would look like twigs. More so. Sighing, I rehung them and went for the 32s. They pulled on easily, felt fine and buttoned up with room to spare! Yay! So I bought them after flinging the dreadful Slim fit ones back at the changing room attendant.
While waiting for The Wiggler to try on his jeans & T-shirts (none of which he bought), I happened to notice a rather nice ginger! Tallish, fit-looking, short non-pube-like hair, handsome... The only problem was that he was trailing around a child, so he was probably a breeder.

Eventually, we went to H&M in Chapelfield Mall where, after trailing after him, carrying his bags like a lackey, The Wiggler bought a white roundneck T-shirt and two orange tops to go over it: A rolled-up sleeve shirt and a V-neck jersey. He managed to carry them off marvellously, the lucky git. I pointed out the orange & silver T-Shirt I bought a week or two ago and he just scoffed. How rude!

We also spent an inordinate amount of time in Zara trying on jackets. Yes, I know it's summer, but these jackets were absolutely divine! The Wiggler picked up a navy blue bomber-type jacket which looked really good on him, if a little like something a bouncer would wear. I found a military-esque brown jacket that fitted perfectly, and was rather enamoured with it. Then we swapped, and to my chagrin, the military jacket looked better on him. However, the bomber jacket looked better on me!
Now we're dilly-dallying about whether to buy them - They're £80 each, which is a lot of money for something we're not going to wear until autumn, at least. I was going to post pictures of them to get your opinion, but the Zara website is bloody useless and doesn't show them. Needless to say, we didn't take photos of ourselves wearing them in the shop...

I've just spent the last hour and a half writing this in between baking a cake for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I've made another Victoria sponge (I'll fill it with jam and cream tomorrow) as we're due to have afternoon tea in her garden. The weather may thwart us, though - Apparently, it's supposed to tip it down all day! British summertime, eh?


  1. You're a multi-tasker! I have yet to try baking a cake and blogging at the same time. Way to go on baking another cake!

  2. That sounds like an awesome day.

  3. Sounds fabulous. Shopping and baking - I love it.

    Um, what's with all the orange?


  4. Tara: Multitasking is just one of the womanly skills that I am attempting to master.

    Dinah: It really was. I love seeing the Wiggler - we have so much fun!

    CyberPetra: Either Norwich is at the vanguard of the latest fashion, or we're trailing at the back still stuggling to get out of the seventies...

  5. 70s or 80s I don't know. Afterall your orange shirt had silver bits on it.

    Norwich must be stuck in some kind of time loop or something rather

  6. Well THANK YOU. Apology accepted (just).

    I'm wearing my Topman jeans today and they're awesome. Bit too chilly for the slutty tee, though.

    Have fun, erm, filling your cake…

  7. Something rather what, CyberPetra?

    Tim: I'm wearing my Topman jeans today, too! And they're also awesome. We're so similar!

    The cake has now filled me. Well, a slice of it has. The rest has been eaten by the party goers.

    MJ: Ooh, I love a nice bit of cake!

  8. What a busy week! Glad to see the party picnic cake was a hit. The jackets, I would buy if they're on sale now. They might not be available when you need 'em in a few months! As for the orange color, the right shade looks sensational! If you've got on the wrong shade, just tell people that you're Dutch.

  9. I don't know, you are the big expert on the whole time space thingamabob.

    Suffice to say apparently fashion in Norwich hasn't changed much since the early 80s

  10. I'm with the tall drink of water from Texas on this one - get the jackets if they are one special.

    I really love the shopping over there... I have this awesome pink Tommy Hilfiger jacket that I only bring out on special occasions. Enough about me, though!

    Did Wiggler wiggle in glee during the shopping trip? I ask because I care.

  11. what is wrong with my spelling this morning? GAH!

  12. Eros: Blast. I'm Dutch.

    CyberPetra: What are you talking about? This IS the early 80s!

    Isn't it?

    T-Bird: The jackets aren't on special, but they are utterly delightful! I think we'll succumb next week and buy them.

    Wiggler did wiggle with glee, twice actually. Once when we were eating lunch - delicious food, and again when trying on the jackets! Thank you for caring.

  13. Whatever you say dear.

    *coughs* you've gotta humour them sometimes *coughts*

  14. clearly there is no t in coughs. I apologise

  15. Can we have a post about ginger man-love?

    Weather nice & windy here today - great drying weather! I've done two loads already.

  16. Damn, we are so similar! Who would've thought?! You know what that means, don't you?

    You should empty your bank account and give it all to me.

  17. Just freshen you fake tan , then the glaring orange top wont stand out so much

  18. What are the chances of me getting a video of you licking cake icing off Tim's nipples?

  19. CyberPetra: Whatever do you mean?

    Frobi: I love windy weather. Not for flying in, of course. Just for the sheer hell of it.

    Sadly, I did all my washing on Friday.

    Tim: I was hoping it would mean something else. Poop.

    You'll be disappointed with what's left in my account.

    Beast: Unfortunately, fake tan - no matter how expertly it's applied - leaves me somewhat streaky.

    MJ: If it was entirely up to me, the answer would be VERY likely. Let's hope Tim is as agreeable.

  20. Having garden parties is exactly what you should be doing in a garden - not lugging around cement for a shed. As for the jacket, of course buy it. Jackets can be worn a lot so it actually works out to pennies a day. That's how I justify my shoe budget.

  21. I'm not quite sure myself.

    Maybe I was insinuating that you are kidding yourself if you think Norwich is the epitomy of high fashion?

    As for Tims comment I'm sure your orange and tin foil t-shirt put a severe dent in your credit limit.

  22. Snooze: Consider me convinced. On both counts!

    CyberPetra: But Norwich is the epitomy of high fashion. I live here, don't I? What more proof could there be?