Thursday, 28 August 2008

Star Selection 2

Because I can't be bothered to post anything of value...


  1. You mention the boyband Bros.

    Were you by any chance part of said band?

  2. Hue And Cry? You are quite, quite, quite, quite mad.

  3. Hellboy II: I was so disappointed by this movie. It was dull with a capital D-U-ULL.

    Books: you're still reading those books?! You do know there's real literature out there, don't you. And aren't those ones DEFINITELY not canon?

    Picture: god, what an awesome photo. That almost turned me. And yet ... It didn't.

  4. Tim is right about the photo. I think I am getting a little needy.

  5. MJ: What exactly are you 'good gawd'ing at? Surely not my becoming visage?

    CyberPetra: Well, I do wonder when I'll be famous.

    Betty: That may be, but how can you not love Strength to Strength, or Long Term Lovers of Pain?

    Don't go looking for pictures of them now, though. They look like the Mitchell Brothers!

    Tim: I must admit, I was expecting more story-wise, from Hellboy. But I liked the spectacle of it.

    Epiphany is the last Star Trek I have to read - Well, before David Mack's Destiny series comes out in November. The authors do put a convincing case forward for the beginnings of the Romulan and Reman races. The Watraii are a logical offshoot, but I didn't particularly care for them, so I'm quite happy for them to be banished from the Canon world.

    I'm reading a book called The Margarets by Sherri S Tepper at the moment - Not a Star Trek novel in sight!

    That photo was taken a year ago - Perhaps a more recent one would convince you?

  6. Shit, Cyberpetra! You scared me! I can't believe it took me 11 minutes to write that response.

    My photo turned you straight?!

  7. That tongue has a 3-D House of Horrors effect.

    I'm sure it's serviced many a sailor's barge pole.

    I see you're wearing orange again.

  8. It appears the filthy stalkerazzi have caught you at an inopportune moment!

  9. MJ: goodness knows what it gets up to when I let it out for the evening.

    I seem to have a curiously unconscious need to wear orange. I'm wearing the orange and silver T as I type!

    Eros: Yes, those damned stalkerazzi. The sad thing is, that's the best photo I managed to nab from them...

    * sigh *

  10. I can imagine a book about Vulcans to be dull. They're really only interesting when they're horny, but that only happens every 7 years, so pfffttt...

  11. Eros: I should've known not to read the 2nd & 3rd books after the first one was a bit boring, but my curiousity got the better of me.
    Actually, the part of the book that dealt with the Vulcans and the fledgling Romulan race were quite fascinating. It was the present day (2377) portion that was contrived and dull.

  12. Where's Dinah? Someone should be saying 'Pete turning straight? Wait - you're gay??!'.

    I love it when someone makes those calls.

    Also, I wouldn't be a good hag if I didn't say MEOW! at the photo. *sigh* Those lucky, lucky sailors.

  13. Well, T-Bird, in Dinah's absence - Zing!

    You are just *the* best hag! Especially as that's the face I make when those losers from waste extraction try it on.

  14. FANTASTIC! That is the best.

  15. Is that a Thai boy pubic hair I can see between those teeth?

  16. Um, that shirt is enough to scare anyone straight. Bright orange, really?

    But that's really not what I was trying to say. I changed my comment right before posting it. It had the words hormones in it. Hmmm.

  17. Sorry, did I really say that?

    I was tired, it being early morning and all.

    I take it all back, well except for the scary orange t-shirt thing of course.

  18. Oh Dear God......was that picture on purpose !

  19. Hee...darn time differences! I'm glad people have said all I needed to say in my absence.

  20. Gah! It's still there.

  21. Dinah, you have taught us well!

  22. *Because I can't be bothered to post anything of value...*

    Oh good. I was worried you might have had a change of policy.

  23. Snooze: It is rather a nice background colour, isn't it.

    I'm sure that's what you meant by FANTASTIC!

    Puppy & Hippo: * looms in front of screen for a closer inspection *

    No. I think it must be a bit of cotton - I'd been doing some darning...

    CyberPetras: * ignores obviously jealous comments about orange T and hands over HRT pack *

    Beast: That is my standard face for MJ's increasingly filthsome posts. Sans vomit, of course.

    Dinah: Commenting-by-proxy is obviously the way to go. You're so lucky. I wish someone would do it for me.

    MJ: Well, stop posting those vile pictures and it'll go away.

    T-Bird: Snaps to Dinah!

    Tickers: While I'm very happy that you've returned, isn't it about time you disappeared for another few months, you cheeky sod?

  24. Of course I had to google it but thanks dear. I needed that, I do hope it's all gone now.

    Obviously I'm not so jealous about your hideous obsession with orange T-shirts.

    They do work well with your complexion I suppose

    By the way, when are you removing those word verification things?

  25. Hugh and Cry - I think I have all their albums. And I voted for Pat Kane, indeed campaigned for him, when he became the head honcho at Glasgow University. And then read his boo, The Play Ethic, which is kinda interesting. And he does indeed have a great voice, and they did indeed churn out some great songs. I really like POETS Day and My Salt Heart.

  26. I should point out that Pat Kane never wrote a boo, although he did write a book.

  27. Did you take the bartender home with you?


    *has another barcardi and lemon*

  28. And a 'zing' for Dinah too!

    I'll have a bacardi as well, thanks!

  29. Your taste is far too fantastic for me.

  30. CyberPetra: I'm glad the hormones have kicked in. Although, have they affected your dexterity with the word verification thingy?

    Qenny: Blast! Now I want to read Pat's boo. I'm not fussed about his book.

    'Petra: I wish. I'm surprised MJ managed to get someone of Ed Fury's calibre manning her bra. Um, I mean bar.

    T-Bird: * mixes a Barcardi with added zing *

    Tickers: What, even Hue & Cry?

  31. I liked "Hellboy II"! Oh and I agree about "The Incredibles".


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