Thursday, 17 January 2008

A stitch in time can be a bloody bugger.

Gaahhh! So much to do, yet so little time!

Where in the worlds does time go?

* mmmmph *

* rrrrrgg *

* mmmmff *

* eep *

Ah. I see. There's a hole in the space/time continuum behind my kitchen sink. That's where it's all going. Seeping away into another universe.

I'll be jiggered if I have to get Chronosfear in to sort it out. Maybe Continuity Girl can help?



  1. Good luck! She'd probably just try to steal your sperm.

  2. It's time to put a plug in your hole before anyone, erm, anything else disappears.

  3. You should just bung it up. Have you tried putting your thumb in it?

  4. Sticky back plaster tape and a pair of Val's old knickers should stop the seepage.

    W tugsa

  5. Perhaps a Time Lord will come to the rescue!

    Didn't he make a visit last year? Or did he just park the Tardis on your lawn?

    Tim, I think only Dutch boys are experts at plugging up leaky holes with their fingers...

  6. Dinah: And I'm not even her father!

    MJ: I'd obviously been using too much Mr Muscle to unblock the plug hole...

    Tim: My thumb?! I have seen TNG Timescape, you know!

    SID: Is that what MJ uses?

    Eros: If you're referring to that time travelling tart, Cyfa, you can think again.
    It's bad enough catching your man shagging someone else, nevermind the someone else being ones self!

  7. Throw a wristwatch into the hole, stuff some kleenex in the opening and cover with gaffer's tape.

    Either that or move.

  8. Continuity girl? Sperm? Must look into this!

  9. Anonymous19/1/08 12:46

    carly has a rip in the space/time continuum about 2 inches up her snatch.

    Steve Hawking is right about the wormhole attributes of black holes, after all.

  10. Can't you put some cement or spackle into that hole in the space/time continuum? Go to your local hardware store and check it out. I'm sure there's an isle just for that kind of sealer.

  11. It all seems to be seeping into Cardiff judging by the strange Torchwoody things I've experienced here.

  12. Rimjob: That sounds like too much hard work.

    Your second suggestion sounds a lot more feasible.

    T-Bird: That Continuity Girl is a bugger for thieving sperm.

    A visit to Dinah's should clear up any further questions.

    Steve: Is that how your pee-pee got bent?

    Tara: Thanks for the tip, but I'm taking Rimjob's advice and moving.

    Tickers: I know what you mean. I've seen the pics of Spike the vampire with dark hair. Dark hair, for gods sakes!
    And John Barrowman is just strange - If you see him, try and run him over. It'll be for the best.


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