Monday, 7 January 2008

"And do you remember this one..."

Prompted by that moaning mugwump MJ, the following video lasts for ten minutes and twenty five seconds. THAT'S 10:25 SECONDS MJ!!

She probably won't watch it...


  1. Brilliant! Dawn French is a regular Shirley Temple

    Too bad about the lack of male nudity

  2. It stalled at 0:06, 1:13, 2:47 and 3:05 at which point I switched off.

    I want my £12.50 back.

    If it's male nudity CyberSlut wants, why don't the two of you reenact this yourselves?

  3. o i love this i had it on my "random clips blog" i could only find frenchy subtitles too... VERY entertaining though!


  4. Wake me up when it's finished loading.

    And go and get a proper job you skinny poof, instead of sponging off the state.

    Sorry, sorry, forgive me, I've been drinking.

  5. I remember that one!

    What I don't remember is a time when French and Saunders were funny…

  6. What? Sacrilidge!

    Just that fringe alone made me wee. True story.

    Sort of.

  7. CyberPoo: Another time, perhaps.

    MJ: Never satisfied, are you?

    And you're not going to be today, either! That £12.50 is as good as spent.

    Gleds: Pretty wave you've got going on there!

    Tickers: I will forgive you, but only because your spelling seems to improve with alcohol!

    Tim: Philistine.

    Didn't you even giggle a little when she stuck her tongue out in the last video?

    T-Bird: I do hope that fringe doesn't make regular appearances on Aussie TV? Either that or you have a good supply of Tenaladies?

  8. No, not really.


  9. *searches for a longer clip to insult MJ*

    HNY IDV!

    WV myfaeag

  10. SID: I'll give you a clip.

    About the ears.

  11. It's just that with Fuckkit distracted of late, I felt you were in need of abuse.

  12. That was hilarious! Esp the parody of when she changed her voice on the phone! And the play on Misery with the hammer to the legs!

  13. MJ: moaning mugwump. That's just funny in its self.


  14. Shut up, Boobzilla.

    Moving right along...let's get this show on the road. Enough of this.

    How about AbFab instead?

    Or Druid porn?

  15. Ok - consider this a vote for Druid pron.

  16. Don't make me google druid porn.

    Or pron...

  17. Or a video of you and the coven dancing nekkid round a maypole.

    Good for a laff.

  18. I'm not dancing nekkid for that old witch.

  19. You are aware that we still have custody of your mirror self, right?

  20. My clothed mirror self, right?

  21. Wrong! Your clothes were ripped from your body ages ago!

    P.S. I will post something soon, I'm just very busy. Or lazy.


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