Saturday 5 January 2008

"Your mother sucks jelly babies in Hell!"

I was in need of a laugh and I remembered this:


  1. Next time you need a laugh, just look in Mirror.

    And next time you post one of your YouTubes, could you (and this goes out to SID especially, as well) tell us how many fucking minutes it is.

  2. What? you can't sit still for 5 minutes?

    Must be those crabs.

  3. That was hilarious!

    MJ, I've seen the clip a few times, and I did not see any f*cking at any time at all...

  4. The tongue! The tongue! The funny teeth!

    Sort of like me when I wake up with morning breath. Got to do something about that.

  5. That was bloody fantastic

    Thank you IDV for sharing that

  6. So what exactly IS your usual fare?

  7. Eros: Wasn't it? I do find French and Saunders most amusing.

    T-Bird: The tongue bit is my favourite!

    CyberPoo: You're welcome. I think you'll like the next one even more.

    MJ: £12.50 one way, or £18 return. No concessions. No kids and no OAPs.

  8. Or you could just get a season ticket - I reckon they'd be cheap as chips.

  9. does it involve a naked Justin Timberlake or Josh Duhamel??

    Here's hoping!

  10. I can't get my connection to go any faster than a snail right now so have to come back for the video.

    Anyway, Happy New Year IDV!

  11. MJ: Well, I do stand and deliver!

    Tim: Don't you start.

    Unless you want one, of course. I'm sure we can come to some sort of... Arrangement.

    CyberPoo: Sadly not. Sorry.

    KG: Happy New Year!


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