Friday, 25 January 2008

I must dictate a most crucial memo!*

Ah ha! A meme - What fun! However, I fear I'll not be able to top Snooze's #2 on her list - Go and have a look, do.

1) Link to the person who tagged you
2) Post the rules
3) List six seemingly unimportant habits or quirks about yourself
4) Tag six other people and post the tag in the comments on their blogs

1. I always say "hello" to Car when I get in, and "thank you" when I get out. Sometimes I lovingly pat the side of the centre console, too. Well, if I'm nice to Car, Car shouldn't break down and leave me stranded somewhere, right?

2. I can never bring myself to kill the snails in my garden who demolish my hostas. Instead, I put them in the wheelie bin. I know that they'll get crushed to death in the dust cart** but its not me that actually kills them, so that's OK.
However, I have no qualms about cutting slugs in half with the edge of my trowel. Disgusting little muck-monsters!

3. I feel wretched if I have to turn off the stereo while it's halfway through playing a track, be it on the radio or on a CD. I have to wait until the song finishes , then I can switch it off and leave the house or get out of Car, depending where I've got the stereo on.

4. Saying "Shit" amuses me. Not as an alternative to poo, but as a swear. I think it's because The Mother used to say it a lot when my sisters and I were young. We knew it was rude, but found it funny to hear an authority figure say it.

5. I can't abide cauliflower but I do like broccoli.

6. This might be because I'm a Gayer, but I have a horrible memory when it comes to female faces. I can remember names and birthdays and mens faces but not the girls. I have to meet them at least five or six times before it starts sinking in. I worry that I ignore quite a lot of girls I know by walking straight past them in the street. If they're with their boyfriends, that's a different matter!

Right. I'm going to tag Tim, CyberPoo, ErosWings, KyahGirl, Gledwood and Tatas. But not right now as I'm off to work. I'll do it at lunchtime or after work, unless you've already been here and realised you've been tagged.

* Does anyone know, or can anyone guess who said this? Bonus points if you know where she was at the time.
** Biffa lorry or garbage truck.


  1. *Huff*

    I would have a guess at *, but seeing as I wasn't tagged I am going to huff instead!


  2. Your enduring affection for Car is fantastic. I'm not sure about your treatment of the poor snails though. I think they might prefer to be killed by you right onsite.

    That is absolutely hilarious about girls' faces. It truly is the gayest thing I've ever read. And I mean that as a compliment

  3. Maybe you won't remember my face but you'll remember this!...

    *points to arse*

    because it's in your face for not tagging me.

    I didn't want to play anyway.

  4. Really? You talk to you car? And stroke it?

    That's not weird at all.

  5. These were great. I talk to my car too, especially in the winter when it has been sitting outside all night. If it starts right away I thank it. Sometimes if it makes a funky noise when I start it, I'll say, "Oh don't even give me that attitude."

    The students at the school I work at expect me to remember everything about them, no matter how long it has been since we've met.

  6. Anonymous25/1/08 16:32

    You, dear 'sir' are a freak show. This is not meant as a judgement and is, in my opinion, neither good nor bad. I'm just saying...

  7. Wait - you're gay?!?!

    Also, Tim, maybe when he says "Car" he actually means something else.

  8. Dinah - I totally just thought that too. I'm stunned!

    And by 'car' do you think he means 'penis'?

    Maybe this explains why he keeps asking to see me in a state of undress!

  9. Car? Penis?

    Where are the smelling salts? Ah feeyah ah will fayant!

  10. Dinah, Tim, and T-Bird: I was going to tell IDV that he's the car whisperer, someone able to communicate with cars and improve their lives; but I suppose penis whisperer is just as good.

    MJ: I can't see your a$$; I'm sure we'd remember your face much better if we got a rear view as well ;)

    IDV: Don't kill the snails! Sell them to the French!

    I'll work on the weird list soon...

  11. Your mother called you shit???

  12. That's not at all weird

    not at all, no

    no, no not compared to me anyway

  13. "And by 'car' do you think he means 'penis'?"

    Not sure, but after reading that post I certainly hope he wasn't using 'trowel' as a euphamism for 'penis'.

  14. What about "broccoli"?

  15. I'm not sure we want to know Tim

  16. I can only guess what "cauliflower" means…

  17. Do you think that when he says, 'say' he really means, 'shout'? and when he says, 'hello' he really means, 'Filthy Cock'? So what he's really saying, instead of, 'I always say "hello" to Car when I get In' is, 'I always shout "Filthy Cock' to penis when I'm wanking'

  18. I'm glad you cleared that up. I didn't want to be out on a limb.


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