Sunday, January 13, 2008


For MJ: Wax my sack!

For Tim, the few other male breeders and the lesbionica: Autumn "Oops! I forgot my brain/knickers/whatever" Reeser.

For T-Bird and the faithful: The charming Jake Gyllenhaal.

I'll be back in a couple of days or so...


  1. A couple of days? That's one long mood swing!

    Either that or there's a lot of course hair to be waxed.

  2. Probably both, MJ. I expect it's like shaving Gentle Ben.

  3. TIM: No job is too big for Mr. Baldnutz.

  4. Oh such a lovely young man

    yet such ugly boxers

    someone needs to sack their stylist

  5. CP: Are you volunteering for the job?

    IDV: Tell Autumn that she can forget her brain and knickers anytime ;)

  6. Can we put MJ in the sack and throw her in the river?

  7. Crumbs, MJ, that's quite a service he offers…

    And Eroswings - hands off my Autumn!

  8. What a gyp, only one non-sexually oriented picture of a girl!

    ...but four pictures of a horse-faced Brokeback "actor" who doesn't seem to own a comb or razor.

    But the beeswax is nice.

  9. "Hands off my Autumn" is totally a movie I would see. Or a movie of the week, actually, that I would watch. It reminds me of "Autumn's Piano," the chick-flick that inspires Peter Griffin's movie "Steel Vaginas."

    I'm not so much a Gyllenhaal fan, but his pictures are sort of nice. I think the rain one is my favourite, but not in a sexy way, in a "HELLO! I am strange looking and THIS IS MY SHIRT" kind of way.

  10. SID: Bend over while I reach for the tub of Butt Wax.

    47 ounces won’t cover your big hairy arse though.

  11. Tim: I can't help but Fall for Autumn ;)

    Dinah: That was a hilarious Family Guy episode; though, truth be told, the first time I heard Steel Vagina was in that Eddie Murphy movie, Boomerang. Grace Jones character demands that a perfume with her signature scent be named Steel Vagina!

  12. Phew! Thank goodness you answered some of those comments, Eros. Saves me the bother.

    Although next time, answer them all, you lazy good for nothing! And don't forget to defend my hirsuteness, or lack thereof, from MJ and Tim, either.

  13. Ooooh. Meow. Jakey and his little hairy tummy. *purrrrrr*

  14. I just want to bury my face in it and go:

    * bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *

    He'd giggle and squirm, then we'd kiss. Ahhh...