Monday, 21 January 2008

Short of space

Somewhere in the south of England, they lurk!

Actually, they're more than likely nestled in the more than ample bosom of Tatas.

I'm going to have to redo this blasted map, as it's becoming more and more fuzzy. For those of you who want the low-down on The 'Shorts history, click here (thanks MJ).

And no one else from the UK had better win them as there's not enough room! Come on you 'Straylians - I want to see more effort from south of the equator!


  1. Nestled?

    More likely stuck to.

    I'm sure she hasn't washed them since they were girding the loins of the Texan.

  2. Anonymous21/1/08 21:02

    I'm sure she's been straining her tea with them.

  3. No more Brits? Damn - I was going to make such a concerted effort to win them this time round.

    Oh well.

  4. Yes, Africa,Asia or South America would be nice.

    If Piggy and Taz wins them I'll pay for their trip to Antarctica.

    One way of course.

  5. I was tempted to win them, but then I thought about where they've already been and...well...just ewwww!

  6. I would try - but I'm just not as funny as you lot.

  7. Anonymous22/1/08 21:37

    You forgot to link to MJ's history.

    Lube up cos she's gonna kick your ass.

  8. MJ: Wha-? Who're you?

    Piggy & Tazzy: A potent brew, then?

    Tim: There's always an exception to the rule.

    SID: Of course. I don't mind chipping in to pay the excess baggage costs...

    Rimsnot: Tatas did all right getting them after BingoWings, but I'm still itching after having them from MJ!

    T-Bird: Don't do yourself down. You're at least as funny as Piggy.

    Hang on. We mostly laugh *at* him...

    Connie: Phew! I'm safe! She's buggered orf!

  9. No, I'd hate to unbalance everything. I'll keep my smutty humour and tight buns to myself.

  10. I think the closest they've been to me was between 10 and 11. That is a nice turnout from Britland.

  11. Dinah, when the Shorts passed by, did the skies darken? was there an earthquake? mass panic? animals fleeing in terror? or other ominous signs? perhaps the local gov't launched a counterstrike force?

    P&T, if you move to Antarctica, please send me a penguin...preferably one that dances...also, look out for Aliens and Predators as they tend to frequent the area...

  12. No fucking way would the Shorts get through Straylyan Customs.

    Anyways you'd have to send the anti germ space suit thingy first.


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