Thursday, January 03, 2008


Some of you may be wondering why January 1st's post is reserved. The others of you probably don't give a fig.

To be honest, I don't really know why it's reserved myself. I think one of the SubC's did it, but they're both being tight lipped about it. The Host isn't that much more talkative either.
Tuesday was a bit of a non-starter for all intents and purposes. Well, except for the purpose of starting off 2008, which it did rather well considering it was the first day of the first month and all that.
No, it was a non-starter for me - And not because New Year's Eve was spent getting drunker than SID on St. Patrick's Day. It was a bit of a vague, not-really-there day and it is quite vexing not to know why.
The Host's SubC did say something about a premonition, which, quite frankly, is preposterous. After all, witches don't have premonitions. They either know the future or they don't. It's as simple as that.

So, until they relent, January 1st will remain reserved.



  1. Is it reserved as in shy, rather than like a table in a restaurant? That would make a world of difference.

  2. If it's not premonitions then what is it that Phoebe on Charmed has when she touches stuff?

    Just wondering or... *GASP!* don't tell me it's just tv


  3. HNY you twisted witch.

  4. I didn't catch who it is you're buggering?

  5. I would just like to register my hopes that the reservation has something to do with Connor Trinnear.

  6. Tim: But what if it's like a shy reserved table?


    CyberPoo: * speaks through the ether *

    Phoebe doesn't have premonitions, she's just overly sensitive. The slightest touch and she has an o, right there and then!

    Tickers: * gasps the rest of the air out of the room that CyberPoo had left *

    You're... You're alive?! HNY!

    MJ: Good. I don't want to be 'intimate' with someone who you've had your talons on.

    T-Bird: Ooh, me too!

  7. I never know what to say or think about your posts.

    Is there a remedial class I can take as a starter while I try to get up to speed?

  8. Oh...

    I should stop watching that show then.


  9. The previews for The Golden Compass--another movie I'd like to see but probably won't get around to it--say that witches have prophecies!

    Oh, finally saw Transformers, and it was a good movie!

  10. Rimmer: Just say you love them to boost my fragile ego and I'll be satisfied!

    Either that, or make up some rubbish - As long as it sounds good, I won't care.

    CyberPoo: If you would, there's a dear. You don't want to encourage those slutty witches, do you?

    Eros: Oh, those witches in The Golden Compass were a bit fanciful - They'll catch their deaths wearing nothing but those floaty fabrics at 300 feet up!

    Transformers was the most unexpectedly funny film that I think I've ever seen. Especially Sam's mum!

  11. I remember seeing Phoebe on Jon Stewart, I think, and they made her do a "premenition face" right there. It was very funny.

    If New Years Eve was so good, where were the drunken blog comments?