Sunday, January 27, 2008


Now, I did want to respond to your comments from the previous post, but Can't-Be-Arsedness took over. I mean, there's 16 of them now, for goodness sakes! Besides, ErosWings has replied to a few and the rest of you seem to be fixated on penis euphemisms - Tim, Skillz and Dinah, I'm surprised at you! Poor T-Bird has come an old south cropper - She's going to need some serious fannage to recover.

I was going to get to a point, but I can't remember what it is now. I suppose it might have been something to do with the fact that MJ has turned up again, like the proverbial bad penny that she is.

Oh, I don't know. Amuse yourselves for a bit while I try and remember stuff.


  1. Yay! Fucking Yay!


    Fuck MJ (not literally, mind), she's old news now.

    And an old hag.

  2. Fuck MJ? Eww. The very idea.

    ::shouts at T-Bird:: I'll need those smelling salts when you've finished with them!

  3. Stuff like..???

    Oh yes...that night you met your canine friend.

  4. After I read Tim's comment to your last post I couldn't contain myself. Sorry, T-Bird!

  5. SID: Ah, ha. Ha. Ha.

    Dinah: I think she's just about recovered - I bloody hope so, as I need those salts!

  6. Ok - I am all recovered, so long as no one mentions anything horrid like that again! Oh, my purity!

    *passes salts to IDV*

  7. Stuff like the address of the STD clinic?

  8. T Bird: Does the thought of riding a car frighten you? ;)

    MJ: Are you looking through your Rolodex for the information? ;)


    I nearly fell off my shoes and sprained my ankle

  10. Couldn't be bothered to answer the comments? Lazy bitch. Were you two busy 'driving your car'?

  11. Too busy trying to start the crock of shit.

  12. Eroswings: Riding a car? Oooohhhhh, you mean....

    Actually, as long as it's a car that has a nice owner who takes care of said car and washes it and cleans the hard to get at places (hubcabs anyone?), it's not a problem.