Wednesday 31 October 2007

It's not because my passport's expired. Really.

I don't know these two

Now, I know it's Hallowe'en, but it's pointless being abroad* as there're so many looky-likey witches out there, that a real one such as myself will go unnoticed.
So, instead of going out terrorizing the neighbourhood, I'm going to go to Indescribable's to be terrorized by her lack of housekeeping. Honestly, there aren't so much dust-bunnies under her furniture, as dust-bears. And some of them haven't been fed in weeks!
Besides, I have a funny feeling in my water that something odd is going to happen. My precognition has been all over the shop lately. Why, only yesterday I wrote this, only to find today that I hadn't but I will do tomorrow. The fact that tomorrow seems to be funnelling into today has really upset things, and I really don't want to have to get Chronosfear around here again. It took a week and a half to get rid of the lingering smell from his last visit.
Anyway, if you're reading this and it's not Hallowe'en, then I must've been sidetracked. Sorry. Come back yesterday.

* Not actually foreign abroad. In fact, not even over the river to Trowse!


  1. Is that a man-witch on the front of the broom?

    I certainly hope that broom isn't an Avis rental. Can you imagine the cleaning it's going to need when they return it?

    Filthy hag.

  2. T Bird, doesn't auto or rental insurance cover those types of cleaning costs? Let's hope they do thorough job of cleaning it; don't want a pink eye epidemic on Halloween.

    Oh, IDV, part of the fun of Halloween is getting to dress up as a broad ;)

  3. T-Bird: And just look how saggy his buttocks are! The smearing is going to be Hell to remove,

    DeltaWings: How do you know I'm not?

    * adjusts corset and smooths down skirts *

  4. When you take Broom in for a cleaning, do you say, "Dust my broom."?

  5. Maybe the others who are dressing up as witches are just honoring you, the real one? You have followers! I'm dressed as a witch too. Haven't gone as a witch since I was five years old. Happy Halloween!

  6. Is it halloween today?

    In any case you are the blue one in the last photo right?

    You missed the trends again, circus patterns were never in style.

    Happy halloween IDV, now please cackle while cooking up some potion for us

  7. You get kudos just for the blue monkey.

  8. MJ: No, I say "grip the shaft firmly and use long strokes".

    Tara: Ooh, maybe they are? They don't have to use so many rubber warts, though. The gits.

    CyberPeriod: Ah ha ha ha haaaaaa!

    Tim: Oh, but I'd rather have Kang.

    MJ: - Oops, sorry. P&T: Excellent impression!

  9. You can do better than that


  10. Christ! you've been busy.

    Witches with no knickers get better grip on the broom do they?


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