Tuesday, 9 October 2007

731: The Penny Drops

Wait a minute...

How did that time-travelling tart, Conrad Folkard-DeVice, remember shagging Knight? He couldn't've remembered because it never happened to my SubC that's hosted by him. I'd already been summonsed by that point in C F-DV's history, which means I never discussed SuperNatural Origins with Knight, and therefore never caught them 'at it' for the SubC to remember!

I've been right all along. Conrad is a tart! Time-travelling or otherwise.

I blame you for this.

Me?! You can't.

Why not? You're the one that remembered him shagging Knight.

No I'm not. You've just said that he couldn't have remembered because he's not from our timeline.
You should be blaming Knight for being so easy!

Oh, he's not easy. He's just gullible. Naive twat.
Grrrr... Now I don't know how to feel about this. Conrad obviously lied to Knight about having-to-shag-him-because-he-remembered-it just to get a shag! Isn't there anyone in his own time he can shag?

Perhaps there's no one quite like Knight? Mmmm...

Shut up you! You're not helping.



  1. * smirk *

    * snigger *

  2. What the...

    You! What are you doing here?!

  3. Back on the drugs I see.

    Are you Knight Rider??


    Maxi Power!!

  5. SID: Thanks to you and your free samples he's as high as a kite.

  6. One of your descendants is a tart, you say? Well, the family resemblance is quite remarkable!

  7. I lost count of the number of times you used the word 'shag' in this post. Pervert.

  8. SID: I'll have to grow my hair a bit longer.

    And slip in to some VERY tight jeans.

    T-Bird: Damn! I've dropped all my paperclips.

    MJ: So what happens if your string is pulled?

    MyWingsAreLikeAShieldOfSteel: Hey! I haven't got a delicious layer of frangipane on top of raspberry jam, I'll have you know!

    P.S. Don't pull MJ's string. That's not raspberry jam up there.

    Tim: I know. I kind of surprised myself. I blame Kurt & Brian - I've been watching a lot of Teachers lately.

  9. Oh, IDV. I *heart* you so much!

    Love, your loyal Hag.

    Anyone who knows LOG jokes has a place on my private island getaway!

  10. I *heart* you too for having a private island getaway!

    I can feel a LOG DVD marathon coming on. I've just got to finish the last series of Teachers.

  11. I think Bryan is the perfect man. Tall, sort of stupid and very endearing. Kurt... I love to hate.

  12. We've all done that

    shagged someone and forgot about it and you can't keep count of all the people you've done on/in the Tube I'm sure

  13. Awww... He's my favourite, too, T-Bird. Kurt's cute, but far too selfish!

    CyberPoo: I can safely say that I've not 'done' anyone on/in the Tube. I loathe that hideous contraption/network.
    Besides, I hardly ever go to London, and Norwich doesn't have an underground. Unless one counts the underpass beneath St. Stephen's roundabout. And that smells of piss...

  14. Whoa whoa whoa! I get all claustrophic in the tube - and there's people who can get their rocks off? My hat is off to any individual who can manage such a feat.

    Oh, and the island is a purely theoretical, hypothetical concept for some time in the distant future. But you are definitely invited!

  15. and you've probably been to that underpass more than once with some stranger

    maybe the man at Sainsbury that time?


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