Saturday, 27 October 2007


Hooray! I will not be known as The Blogger Who Lost The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts! They are now safely in the hands of their new owner, ErosWings. Go and read the sordid account of his escapades with them so far. The perv.

I've updated the map, too. The 'Shorts were delivered to Corpus Christi, but are now in Galveston. Quite what the reincarnation of Megatron wants with them, I don't know?!


  1. Never mind the is Neroswings going to follow the art that is "The Map"

  2. Te hee! Transformers! IDV, you are the coolest!

  3. Canada looks really big on that map. I like the maps that are upside down and play with your mind!

  4. Galveston?

    That's hurricane country!

    They're gonna end up like you did with the house falling on top of him!

  5. So you finally took them off then?

  6. I don't like the idea that a pair of freakin' shorts have travelled farther than I have. Bah!

  7. SID: I shall be intrigued to find out.

    T-Bird: Then I must be Hot Rod!

    Dinah: Canada is really big, isn't it?

    MJ: Just as long as he doesn't post about it, 'cause it'll just look like he's copying.

    Tim: It took some doing, I can tell you. I really needed another strong pair of hands...

    Skillz: You made it out from the back of that sofa, then!
    If I ever get them back - gods forbid - I'll send you along with them as the free gift to their new owner.

  8. Couldn't they have been sent to Sacramento and sort of disappeared into the wild fires?

  9. That would be the safe option snooze

    poor Bingowings

  10. Snooze: Damn the efficient delivery of the USA's postal system. Damn it to Hell!

    CyberPoo: He's only got himself to blame.

  11. IDV, that Galvetron is a nutcase. Better to just give him what he wants and avoid being blasted.

    P.S. MJ, don't worry. Should a hurricane strike, the Shorts have proven their ability to stretch to accommodate the previous winners. I can use it as an emergency shelter for evacuees; it's velvety shine will signal to rescue helicopters our location; and the jingling, ringing bells can call out to search parties when they come to our rescue.


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