Wednesday, 10 October 2007

40watt bulb

I can't compete with photos of PCs or decapitated Bloggers jigging around in the Wild West. I can't even muster up the enthusiasm for a bit of lecherous flirting at Tim's, so I'm just going to have a bath.

I might be arsed to post something in a couple of days.



  1. Good grief! Things are bad if you're not going to be lecherous. What was the point in me taking out that restraining order if it's just going to go to waste!?

  2. I would create a dancing IVD posting but that website I used didn't have a third-rate go-go-boys option.

    Why don't you do a posting about your bath toys?

  3. Remember to wash under your filthy foreskin.

  4. Oooohhh. Cheer up, poppet! A bath can work wonders, and you'll be back to flirt mode in no time!

  5. After your bath, I'm sure you can be arsed. Or at least will be a more savoury prospect for an arsing.

  6. Tim: Don't throw it away just yet...

    MJ: No third rate go-go boys? What kind of shoddy website is that, then?!
    And I'll have you know, I am cleanliness incarnate! No filth here.

    T-Bird: You're right. It worked.
    Those chocolate cream truffles helped, too.

    SID: Great! Next time I'll hand the pain straight over, rather than hogging it all to myself.

    Qenny: Somewhat typically, no one was lying in wait for me between the bathroom and my bedroom.
    What's the world coming to?

  7. I see your trip to the bath house was just what you needed to get back into the swing of things.

  8. Chocolate works better than prozac or the Ben & Jerry therapy ice cream is good

    you should try that

  9. Mmmmmm! Ben and Jerry's ice-cream!

    Our fave.

    IVF - Did you remember to clean your manky snatch?

  10. PantyPadWithWings: Isn't it amazing how rejuvenating a bit of steam and some rough towelling can be?

    CyberChoc: Do you know, I've never had any Ben & Jerry's? They just appear too smug for my liking - Especially that new "Oh, we're soooo concerned about Global Warming" advert.

    Piggy & Tazzy: Of course!

    I mean, my snatch is never manky.

    I mean, I don't have a snatch.



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