Thursday, 11 October 2007


Inexcuseable has got another cat.

Well, a kitten to be precise.

Now, as you may or may not know, I'm not a cat person. Or even a person who likes cats.
Inexcuseable's original two cats I don't mind because they run away and hide whenever I'm around. As well they should! Most cats of my acquaintance are selfish, uppity users who have little regard for anything other than themselves.
So you can imagine my disapproval when I got the call saying I had to come around and see my new 'nephew'. The Parents aren't all that thrilled at suddenly becoming 'grandparents', either.

Like the good and proper sibling that I am, I dutifully arrived at Inexcuseable's to see this new family member.

"Where is the little git, then?" I asked in lieu of 'hello'.

"His name's Spike!" my sister retorted, pointing to the living room.

I swept in, taking in the room with a stern glare. Movement caught my eye, and there, attempting to scale Mount Bookcase, was a small starfish surrounded by silver-grey fluff.
Inexcuseable barged past me and scooped up the intrepid creature, turning it around and almost thrusting it in my face.

"Awwwwww! He's so cute!" I surprised myself by blurting out.

I waggled my fingers at him and made a face like a spacker. He hissed.

Awww... Still cute.

This doesn't mean I like cats. Just a small minority of kittens.

P.S. Inexcuseable's not pregnant. Just fat.


  1. "A small starfish surrounded by silver-grey fluff"?


  2. I said small, not bin bag.

    And, sliver-grey, not ginger-grey.

  3. I cant understand cats.

    I mean whats their purpose?

    wv devja

    I cant understand cats

  4. that's because yer thick, sid.

  5. SID: Something to kick when one's in a foul mood, maybe?

    MJ: I thought I'd better help him out.

  6. He hee! A bin bag sized star fish? That must be a sight to behold.

    You are such a typical brother! I do have to say, though, Spike is as pretty as Peecat. She's outside pretending to be intrepid at the moment.

  7. What a delightful pussy!

  8. You made a face like a spacker? Did you find that difficult to do?

    Thought not.

  9. Don't worry. You'll grow out of liking it and thinking it cute at the same rate that it grows into being horrible, smelly and non-cute. Which happens quite quickly, I am given to understand.

  10. All cats are evil, spackers are special!

    Thats about it really.

    You special little boy.

  11. T-Bird: Somehow, SID's managed to fit 'The Bin Bag' on a Rubik's Cube...

    Tim: You're not fooling anyone, you know.

    P&T: No, I just thought of you and it came naturally.

    Qenny: Oh good!

    T-Bird: Just a silver tabby, nothing special. Yet.

    NotAVikingSteve: Who are you to call me little?!

  12. I'm allergic to cats so I'm not too keen on any cats

    but I like the one that Dr Evil has in Austin Powers

  13. Isn't Dr Evil's cat a hairless freak?

  14. Yeah

    I like hairless freaks

    and you of course :p

  15. I do, it's a weakness

    for you

  16. * blushes *

    * all over *

    Shit! My legs have finally got some colour!

  17. Brown? After the shit??

  18. I've been at a two day seminar on communication and yet I still have no quick comeback for that IDV

    You've got me

  19. SID: Of course not. Who'd you think I am? Piggy?

    CyberSlow: Yay! Victory is mine!

  20. so when are we celebrating?

    I've got a bottle of bubbly and some bananas in the fridge

  21. Oh dear. Champers doesn't really agree with me, and I fear the addition of bananas would only make it worse.

    I will, however, make do with a nice Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc with a few grapes. Black, white or red - I'm not fussy.

  22. How on earth did I miss this kitty posting? So cute!!! Then again, I'm a spinster librarian - I have a duty to love all things feline.

  23. Silver Tabby but nothing special yet? What are you planning to do?

  24. I've got 3 bottles of Mercurey 1er Cru Clos Des Myglands Faiveley red wine from 2004

    it's really good, I opened and finished a bottle last weekend

  25. mmmm... cyberpete appears to have good taste as well as an exciting website!

  26. Snooze: Even a sabre-toothed tiger?

    There's one around here that's been making a complete nuisance of itself. Well, except for when it ate number 52's child - At last, peace and quiet!

    T-Bird: Well, I 've got this fabulous recipe...

    CyberWino: Really? Just the one bottle?

    T-Bird: I've just come back from his - I'm in love! Veiny-thing and all!

  27. Just the one yes

    Too much of a good thing and all that

  28. He's been sat on the others.

    Finding them difficult to extract.

    I'd have thought they'd have just fallen out.

  29. Pete - he likes your veiny thing!

    Good going, Tiger!

  30. CyberChasm: Oh yes? That's not what Piggy & Tazzy reckon...

    Piggy & Tazzy: Perhaps it was a barrel, not a bottle that he sat on?

    T-Bird: * ahem *

  31. I've had a rooster named after me and now a little pussy.

    At least it spits.

  32. Or hisses.

    Don't make me think. It's dinner time.

  33. I'm not sure I want to see a spitting pussy.

    * shudders at the thought *

  34. I agree, IDV, I don't want to see a spitting pussy either; unless it was part of a performance act.

    But I do love the pussy cats--I like to chase them, play with them, and pet them, and feel the vibrations of their bodies as they purr their contentment, and enjoy the sounds of pleasure they make as I run my fingers over them, touching that warm, soft skin.

  35. P.S. Spike, go ahead and dive right in; eat at your leisure ;)

  36. *flicks dessert at eroswings*

  37. Aww, Spike is so cute! The first cat my parents let me have swiped my brother across his face when he picked her up. I named her Claudia after that. She was quite the diva.


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