Tuesday, 2 October 2007

And they're off!

Actually, the title for this post reminds me of a joke, which, rather sadly, has kept me amused today.

Four people all wanted to watch a different programme on telly.
One wanted to watch the athletics on BBC1.
The second wanted to see the wrestling on ITV.
The third wanted to see the Cambridge/Oxford boat race on Channel 4, and the fourth wanted to watch Songs Of Praise on BBC2.
They fought and squabbled for the remote, only managing to watch a couple of seconds of each programme before the channel was changed.

This is what they ended up with:
And they're off-
They're rolling about on the floor-
In, out. In, out-
And the baby was born!


Anyway. The 'Shorts have left the Fine City of Norwich, and hopefully the county, too. I can only hope, as should all residents of the UK, that by tomorrow morning, they'll be winging their way across the Atlantic to Texas.

Godspeed, you vile polyester monstrosities!


  1. So what else is enclosed in the package?

    Blue tongue or Foot and Mouth?

    Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. You didn't forget to pack the souvenir of England, did you?

    Did you ever eat those Canadian sweeties?

  3. I liked the joke. Very cute!

    [also makes mental note to never visit blog of shorts winner so as to avoid all future visual trauma]

  4. SID: Don't you think The 'Shorts are contagious enough?

    Oh, OK then, I found a rare strain of BSE and threw in some myxomatosis too!

    MJ: No, I didn't forget. Actually, the souvenir was quite specialised - Local to Norwich, in fact. I just hope BingoWings appreciates it.

    And, yes. I ate the sweets. Well, I ate one and The Parents ate the rest - they were very... Sweet!

    Snooze: Perhaps there's some form of dark glasses that can be used to weaken the visual horror of The 'Shorts?

  5. I bet you've sent a replica of the shorts and kept the originals.


  6. vile polyester monstrosities

    I thought they suited you.

  7. Tim makes a good point.

    How are we to know IVD hasn't posted an imposter pair of Shorts?

    Must The Shorts be DNA tested from now on to be certain they're authentic?

  8. Anonymous3/10/07 14:12

    Canadian sweeties?

    Canadian Fucking sweeties?

    You've never sent me Canadian fucking sweeties.

    Send my Yorkie back. Now!


    Oh, and Yay for the shorts.

  9. Steve: Eat my Canuck yeast.

    A reminder that the winner of The Shorts is the recipient of a souvenir from the previous Shorts owner...not the other way around. Therefore, I get the sweeties or whatever souvenir you had chosen to send.

    If you recall, I won The Shorts from YOU, not the other way around.

    If you have anything more to add on this subject, please put it in verse.

  10. That joke...

    I was thinking, how awful your programming must be

    just awful

  11. I am all a-quiver for the next round of shorts based goodness.

  12. I told MG that joke and she found it funny. Well, I did have to change the joke to make any sort of sense to her, being she didn't quite get the whole "British" part of the joke.

    Side note though, are or are not..(if that even makes sense) is there going to be a DNA test on the said shorts. DNA mind you, not any other substances...who knows what might be lurking in those shorts!

    On second thought: EEEWWW

  13. Anonymous4/10/07 08:04

    Thank fuck!

    Does this mean we won't have to read about those smelly shorts at last?


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