Friday, 7 September 2007


Right! I can't take any more moaning, griping and complaining about the lack of The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts. I plan on posting the competition next week, commencing 16/09/07.

However, here's a little something to get those juices* flowing:

* That's 'creative' juices you perverts, and nothing else!


  1. ha! Now my juices are flowing but umm.. who is the chick wearing the green elf shorts? Oh shit, NM, my bad... Why it isn't a chick at all but none other than chicken leg man? LOL

    Can't wait to see what creativity has bestowed upon you and your elf short challenge.

  2. Anonymous7/9/07 20:52

    Oh! look 'drag queen legs'.

    I've seen more meat on a chicken drumstick from KFC!

    Oh and......YAY! FIRST!!!!

  3. Anonymous7/9/07 20:54


    Thanks krissteen for making me look a twat.

  4. Anonymous7/9/07 21:49

    Piggy: You do that all by yourself.

    IVD: That a magical smoking plant?

  5. Hee. This is just like the fan dancer story from The Cosby Show: gives a little leg, takes it right a little leg, takes it right back...

  6. Oh dear, did I make you look like a twat Piggy?

    Please do accept my apologies... oh fuck, who I am kidding? Oh fucking well if I made you look like a twat, get over it already.. :-)

    I say that with the kindest regards yanno?

  7. *FAINTS*

    *revived long enough to click on that pic to enlarge it and faints once again doubly this time from the pasty, bony chicken leg AND the stripy shirt combo*

    People, do NOT click to enlarge!

  8. How the fuck does he keep The Shorts up with no hips?

  9. And by the way, competion is spelled competition.

  10. And thus, my day is made!


  11. Krissteen: Yay! Your First!

    I'll overlook the 'chicken leg man' comment because you thwarted Piggy to first place, and, as he said, made him look like (an even bigger) twat.

    You can come again.

    Twat, sorry. I meant Piggy: Ha!

    Connie: Hmm... It does look a bit suspect, but it's actually a Passiflora Caerulea. Although I think it may be some sort of bastard hybrid with a triffid as it's swamped the paysho and threatens to engulf anyone comes in the back way. So to speak.

    Dinah: I know Cosby was a doctor, but amputating peoples legs and playing peek-a-boo with them surely contravenes the hippocratic oath?

    MJx3: I hope you didn't hit your head on something hard, sharp and unyielding on the way down?

    You're right, my hips can't support the 'Shorts. I fear they've been stretched out of shape by SID...

    * grudgingly thanks MJ for pointing out the spelling error - how humiliating - and corrects it *

    T-Bird: Your day is made? Did the sunlight reflect off my, admittedly pale, skin to bring daylight to Australia's night?

  12. P.S. For the pedants amongst you (Piggy): I haven't spelled 'you're' wrong when answering Krissteen - I do actually mean 'Your' as it's her first comment here.

  13. Oh dear, that shorts/striped shorts combination is going to set trends yeah?

    Good on you to do a teaser. Can't wait to see the proper pic(s)

  14. I saw something very similar in Vogue... Nice pins, is that waxing?

    I too got a little bit too excited about your greenery. Shame...

  15. I bet you hacked that leg off a homeless dude.

  16. Passiflora Caerulea you say??

    To quote Wikipedia on this delightful South American weed.

    "It is popular with gardeners because of its intricate, scented flowers that have an almost plastic-looking appearance."

    Plastic looking legs for sure.

  17. Anonymous8/9/07 22:24

    *laughs as it was actually Tazzy that left that comment*

    *kicks krissteen in the fud*

  18. Anonymous9/9/07 03:37

    Who's your fotografer? Were you trying to blend in with the bushes?

  19. Yes, and it lit up the night!

    Elf shorts and sexy legs also go a long way to making my day!

  20. YNF: I'm assuming he was trying to pee?

  21. T-Bird: Sexy legs? Have you been drinking?

    YNF: Trying is right. It burns when he pees.

  22. Woo-hoo! The photos begin! Did that burning sensation that MJ alludes to begin after having the shorts come in contact with your skin? Don't tell me you didn't wear underwear when posing with them...

  23. MJ: Would I be a decent coven member if I did not flatter my Lord and Master? Plus, how awesome would those legs look in a pair of shiny red stilletos?

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to further thank my Coven Leader for the tit-elation!

  24. Snooze: It's the custom to go commando in The Shorts.

    T-Bird: "Lord and Master?"

    You ARE drunk!

    The Rest of you Bitches:

    Where is Lady IVD today?

    In her place, I'll be answering your questions.

  25. Well if there are no more questions, I'm going out.

    Lady IVD is probably still in her bed, exhausted from a night's work down at the docks.

  26. don't you dare go anywhere MJ




    Good bitch

  27. Ah, I see I'm surplus to requirements. Probably a good thing as I'm supposed to be 'working'.

    And not at the docks!

    I'll answer you all later...

    * kicks off shiny red stilletos and dives into 'In' tray *

  28. I clicked, enlarged, then spurted creative juices all over my monitor and keyboard.

  29. Cyberpete: H&M have already approached me about designing a range of bestriped clothing, I'll have you know.

    M'Lady: No. No waxing, although see SID's comment about plasticness...

    Tim: Hacked?! How monstrous! No, I used an electric carving knife.

    SID: The BBC approached me about starring as one of the mannequins in Doctor Who, but wouldn't give me a speaking part!

    Piggy: You're still a twat!

    YNF: I should've worn my green tights for better blending...

    T-Bird: Why, thank you. You've assured your place in Hagdom.

    Cyberpete: I do have an indoor loo, you know!

    * wees burning pee over MJ *

    Snooze: I definitely wore underwear - Reinforced concrete knickers!

    T-Bird: * slips feet back into red stilletos *

    MJ: Usurper!

    But at least it saved me from replying earlier. Thanks.

    KG: Which is why I didn't show my knees!

    MJ: Don't you go strutting up and down my patch while I'm having 40 winks!

    Cyberpete: You'll have MJ trained in no time - A right Barbara Woodhouse, aren't you?!

    The Host: Get on with your work!

    * hands Tickers a wet wipe *

    Frobi: So glad you agree. It's always nice when people get along.

  30. "Her woolly kilt and sensible shoes helped make it a much bigger hit than was originally expected"

    That's so not me, but colour me happy with a riding crop and diamanté stilettos ;)

  31. **kicks piggy AND tazzy for kicking in the fud**

    WTF is a fucking fud? Jesus speak English already.. LOL

  32. There's something very 'budget version of Apocalypto' about your picture! But I like it.


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