Friday, 14 September 2007

The Final Countdown!

10... 9... 8...

"Anti-radiation gear to maximum."

"Bring air filtration units online."

"Run multi-spectrum antibacteriological sweep."

7... 6... 5...

"Lock and load tranquilisers."

"Antibiotic swabs on standby."

"Engaging light filters."

This is where The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts have been:

Where will they go next? If you desire The 'Shorts for your own perverse and nefarious purposes, and wish to inflict their filth and pestilence upon your area*, come back on Sunday 16th September to leave an insightful caption to go with the picture that will be displayed here. Whosoever leaves the best caption ensures The 'Shorts will soon be upon them - Mwah hah hah ha!!

4... 3... 2...

Oh, here's some more information courtesy of that slapper the informative Infomaniac, MJ.

* I meant the area in which you live, not your... Oh, I give up.


  1. I love the map. That's very detailed work.

    It explains to some degree why we had to wait months for this, although that map couldn't take more than a few hours to make

  2. Oh I just lurve the map! Lovely.

    Isn't this exciting?

    *Orders crate of Jamesons*

    *Buys extra large bag of spuds*

    *Puts earthangels into care*

    *Dons factor 20 suntan lotion*

    *Sits and waits*

  3. You're really drawing this out, aren't you?

    Drama queen.

  4. Cyberpete: OK, so you're right. The map did 'only' take a few hours to make. And those few hours were all from last night - I must try not to leave everything to the last minute...

    SID: Not much longer now.

    * hands SID a potato peeler *

    Tim: I prefer Theatrical Monarch, actually...

  5. It still doesn't change the fact that it's a great map!

    Excellent mate

    can't wait for the pic of the pants

  6. I was going to tell you how brilliant that map is until I saw that bit you'd crossed out about me. YOU'RE one to talk!

    *wrestles SID for the Jamesons bottle. oh look! i got it away from him! it's between my legs!*

  7. Anonymous15/9/07 14:26

    This map explains so much about the chaotic weather patterns we've had this year--hurricanes, snowstorms, endless rain and thunderstorms; it's just mother nature trying to wash away this polluted trail left by these unnatural shorts.


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