Monday, 24 September 2007

Clenched closed

I am relieved to announce that the orifice for leaving FGESCC captions is now tightly shut.

I will be announcing the winner later on, when I get home from work...


  1. It's the only orifice of yours that IS tightly shut.

  2. You'll be announcing the winning WHAT later on?

    Caption, we presume.

  3. Anonymous24/9/07 19:24

    *hands SID Alkaseltzers*

    *hopes he doesn't notice we trashed his place*

  4. Good grief you're dragging this out.

  5. MJ: At least I can shut mine!

    And, Duhhh... Is that not what it says? Hmm?

    SID: Really, I think it would be better if you didn't.

    Connie: I think SID's gonna need more than Alkaseltzers.
    Does anyone know Kim & Aggie's phone number?

    Timothy Elizabeth Leng! What bad timing.


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