Tuesday, 4 September 2007

"La Cenerentola"

It appears Cinderella works at, or at least visited, my place of employment today. What makes me certain of this? Why, this tannoy announcement:

If there is a female member of staff working here who has lost an item of footwear, please come and collect it at reception

I kept an eye out for Cyberpete, but as I didn't see him*, I can only assume that the footwear in question wasn't a Manolo...

* Or hear a screech of delight!


  1. From which of CyberSlut's orifices did they remove the shoe?

  2. did someone lose a shoe in their haste to run from the shorts? Are you still wearing them to work?

  3. Anonymous5/9/07 03:43

    You work in a palace? What do you do? I see that Cinderella's other female relatives have visited ;)

  4. YNF: Or the eighth dwarf Bitchy also known as MJ

    I'm shocked that people are so careless about their footwear at your company IDV, at our offices what's lost is usually jackets and iPods or at one time the ugliest glasses known to mankind.

    They still haven't been claimed

  5. Go on - admit you were wearing lady shoes to work again.

  6. MJ: I'll give you a clue - There was a resounding squelch, rather like the noise trifle makes when one scoops it out of the bowl.

    Snooze: I've stopped wearing them to work - the jingling of the little bells was a tad distracting. Plus, the rash was itching something chronic!

    YNF: How delightful to see you here! I wondered when my time would come.
    As for my role in the palace - Why, I'm the Queen, of course!

    Cyberpete: I haven't seen the shoe in question. The fact that someone 'lost' it may mean it's as ugly as those glasses?

    Tim: Oh... OK, then. They my strappy black ones with the killer heels!

  7. IVD: You've had your trifle bowl scooped thousands of times so you should know the sound of squelching.

    CYBERSLUT: *bitch slap*

    YNF: IVD is "A" queen, not "THE" queen.

  8. MJ: How dare you!

    * shouts at minions *



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