Saturday, 22 September 2007

Just another day

Due to an inexplicable... Let's just say 'glitch', I've extended The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition* by 24 hours. So, you now have until 12 noon (GMT) Monday 24th Spetemeber to get your caption in.

I'll announce the winner later that day, or on Tuesday morning.

May your captions flow like wine.

* I've linked to it in case anyone is stupid enough not to scroll down...


  1. You whore - you're just loving the fact you've got over 140 comments.

    Technical fault my arse!

  2. Anonymous22/9/07 18:18

    Oh for fucks sake!

    Will it ever end???????

  3. so...we all pretty much know that ynf won, then, right?

    at any rate i'm suing him for medical costs. i just passed half a croissant through my nose laughing.

  4. ps
    you will always be in MY winners circle, Ratly Man.

  5. Tim: Have I? Little me has garnered 140+ comments? Well I never...

    Frobi: Well, I did find the limbo comment most amusing. You've still got time to leave a few more, though.

    P&T: Hush up. Only a couple more days now, thank gods.

    FN: As prolific and hilarious as YNF is, the twat hasn't got a blog, so no 'Shorts for him.

    Good job you weren't eating a pineapple...

  6. Well, YNF might just have to get a blog, because those little ditties are pretty good...

  7. i second that emotion.
    actually, that's no excuse, is it? is that in the rules? will the shorts police arrest us if the freakin green rules are broken or something? HA is what i say to that.


    see, i said it.

  8. hey! new post for me to commmmmen t on. is this harrassment? or stalkering?????????

    i still don't have a caption.

  9. MJ: Off with her head!

    T-Bird: They are, aren't they. If you're reading this YNF, pull your finger out!

    FN: Those are indeed the rules. How would YNF post a pic of The 'Shorts for the compo if he doesn't have a blog?
    Although, the idea of getting roughed up by The 'Shorts Police sounds quite appealing...

    Oh, Dinah, Dinah, Dinah. You're drunk again! Now is the ideal time to leave a caption.

    Hang on, you've probably passed out by now...

  10. Well, IDV, I've done it...probably due to lack of sleep and alcohol induced reasoning, I've started a blog. I am now eroswings, the commentator formerly known as YNF (Your Newest Fan)...I may regret this decision when my sanity returns, but like your silvery, long, limber limbs, I'm feeling very open to try new things :)


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