Monday, 10 September 2007

Out of the woodwork

Well. Who knew showing a bit of leg could garner 32 comments in such a short* period** of time?

I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Except for this Sunday, of course. Then that's it!

* No pun intended.
** Please tell me you didn't, MJ?


  1. God you're stretching this thing out… You're worse than the script-writers for Lost.

  2. The story line is faster on Days of Our Lives than this

    Get cracking (every pun intended)

  3. As long as there is no "hatch" in the elf shorts...'cos that would be...well...alittle bit naughty...!!

  4. Yanno, giving birth to a fucking elephant would have been faster than waiting for this.. *sigh*

    Although, I really don't envy the fact that you actually put those nasty shorts on your body after what that Nome did to them over at MJ's place.. *gag gag gag*

    Ok, I am done bitching.. get on with it ya bitch! =)

    On a sep. note, my word verification is hootdzy.. if that isn't a sign for me to have a hoot today I dunno what is.. LOL

  5. Oh, you love it. You do.

  6. Hee hee, short. I love delicious puns.

  7. Is it the 16th yet? I think we are all teased out... Now we just want you to take us home, baby.

  8. MJ: * vomits *

    * scrubs self in bleach *

    Tim: I'm writing a 6 episode story arc for Lost next season, actually!

    Cyberpete: There's a storyline on Days Of Our Lives?!?

    Dora & Tina: I can assure you, that even if there were, I certainly wouldn't turn the light on!

    Krissteen: You know (snigger), patience is a virtue. Although, perhaps I'm expecting too much from you - Looks like MJ's evil influence has spread to you, too. Don't slip in that elephant afterbirth on the way out!

    P.S. I hope you had a nice Hoot. heh heh...

    M'Lady: I do love it!

    Dinah: I love delicious buns.

    Mmmmmm... Buns....

    T-Bird: Then grab your coat, we're off!

  9. Woohoo! I am all foreplayed out!

  10. I think so, there was a bizarre story line when I was in school where Marlena was possessed by the devil and Father John was supposed to get it out of her.

    Not that I ever watched you know.


  11. CyberSlut: Exactly WHAT was Father John trying to get out of her?

  12. Anonymous14/9/07 18:49

    Could we have a bit more bum next time?

  13. Prefrably without the alsation attached?


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